Advertising device fees

Use this page to find out fees for full and express assessment applications and other applicable advertising device fees. Payment of fees is required when you lodge your application.

Express assessment application

The fee for an express assessment is calculated as:  application fee + licence fee (per sign) = total fee.

Full assessment application

The fee for a full assessment is calculated as: application fee + assessment fee (per sign) + licence fee (per sign) = total fee.

If the device is a generally inappropriate device, an additional fee applies.

Application fees for a full assessment are categorised as Level 1, Level 2 depending on the type of advertising device. Level 3 fees are charged for all new and any existing Level 2 signs, that use more 4m2 of electronic display components to convey third-party advertising content.

Definition - Third-party advertising content

Third-party advertising content is an advertisement that promotes:

  • the name, logo or symbol of a company, organisation or individual which does not own or substantially occupy the premises or building on which the sign is displayed; or
  • a product or service which is not supplied at, or primarily available from, the premises on which the sign is displayed; or
  • an activity or event which does not occur on the premises on which the sign is displayed; or
  • any combination of the above.

Fee level

Select the type of advertising device in the drop down below to find the fee level applicable.

- Select your advertising device -

Fees table

Pre-lodgement advice/report – in officeEach$461.15*
Pre-lodgement advice/report – on siteEach$775.55*
Application feeEach application$38.75
Assessment fee – approved (Level 1) or temporaryEach advertising device$297.45
Assessment fee – approved (Level 2)Each advertising device$1,030.50
Assessment fee – approved (Level 3)Each advertising device$4,236.45
Generally inappropriate assessment – Level 1Each sign additional to assessment fee$198.05
Generally inappropriate assessment – Level 2Each sign additional to assessment fee$299.00
Generally inappropriate assessment – Level 3Each sign additional to assessment fee$409.15
Approval fee – annually renewable advertising device – Level 1Each advertising device per annum$88.90
Approval fee – annually renewable advertising device – Level 2Each advertising device per annum$176.55
Approval fee – annually renewable advertising device – Level 3Each advertising device per annum$353.25
Approval fee – temporary advertising deviceEach advertising device per month or part thereof$27.05
Change an applicationEach advertising device$137.80
Amend an approvalEach advertising device$285.95
Transfer of licenceEach application$112.85
Extension of time to complete building works under the Advertising Devices Local Law 2021Each application$176.55

* GST included.

Note: Level 2 fees apply when the advertisement is exhibited on a heritage place, even if the advertisement is permitted in the applicable city environment.

Fee exemptions - charitable organisations

Organisations listed as Qualifying Type 1 Religious or Charitable Organisations, Type 2 Essential Welfare or Community Service and Type 3 incorporated not-for-profit educational, child care and sporting organisations (statutory declaration required) are exempt from all fees as detailed in Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges, provided the device does not contain any third-party advertising

Organisations not already listed can seek to be assessed as qualifying for Type 1 or Type 2 concessions by writing to Council’s Chief Financial Officer using the process detailed in Council’s Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Advertising devices placed or held on a Council footway to advocate for a particular cause or issue, not involving the promotion of a particular product, company or organisation, are exempt from fees.

Multiple devices

Approval for multiple devices for a single property may be sought on a single application form.

Large developments

Approval for multiple devices on a large development such as a new residential estate or shopping centre should be sought on a single application as an advertising package.

The application is required to contain all proposed signs irrespective of the type of classification, however a permit fee is only payable for licensable devices.

Large developmentmeans a development where the impact of advertising devices is intensified because of the scale of individual signs or the exhibition of multiple types of sign, both on and off a site. Examples include shopping centres, motor vehicle saleyards and new residential estates.

Advertising packagemeans all advertising devices proposed to be installed, erected or displayed on, or in relation to, a large development including a shopping centre, motor vehicle saleyard or new residential estate.

Heritage places

An application must be made for a sign on a heritage place, even if that sign is permitted in the applicable city environment. A Level 2 application fee and permit fee will apply, except where the application is from a qualifying charitable organisation which is exempt from fees.

Proposals for new signage at registered state heritage sites require approval from the Queensland Government. A Heritage exemption certificate from the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science will need to be submitted with the application.

Proposals for upgrades or replacement of existing signage may be exempt from having to provide a Heritage Exemption Certificate where it can comply with General Exemption Certificate requirements.

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