Pre-lodgement meetings for advertising device applications

For complex device proposals, or the identification of potential issues associated with a planned advertising device application, you can arrange a pre-lodgement meeting.

Pre-lodgement advice is given before an application is lodged, and can assist in determining whether an advertising device will be supported. Advice will be provided on what is required.

You can request a pre-lodgement meeting using the Application for advertising sign approvals online form and pay the fee with a Mastercard or Visa.

You can specify for the meeting to be on-site or in Council offices. For a pre-lodgement meeting in Council offices, you will need to attach the following support documents to your application:

  • site plans with location of all existing structures and proposed device
  • device/s design and construction details (either photos or drawings showing size, shape etc.)
  • site photos for each frontage inwards facing, outwards facing from proposed device location/s and existing signage.
Last updated: 24 May 2021