Full assessment

Some types of advertisements in certain areas require a full assessment application. You can find the facts about the proposed sign location and use the online tool to find out if your proposed sign needs full assessment.

A full assessment is always required if the proposed sign location is a heritage place, adjoining a heritage place, a commercial character building or if in the city malls including the Queen Street Mall, Valley Mall and Chinatown Mall.

Applications for multiple signs

Approval for multiple signs on one property for a single permit holder may be sought on one application.

Approval for multiple signs on a large development should be sought on a single application as an advertising package.

Approval for multiple signs on multiple properties must be sought on separate applications.


Payment of an application fee and annual permit fee per advertisement is required upon lodgement of your application with Council.

Application fees for a full assessment are categorised as Level 1 or Level 2 depending on the type of advertisement. To determine the fee level, view the advertisements classification table.

Building approvals

In addition to an application under the Local Law, the sign may require a building approval under the Building Act 1975. Contact a building certifier for advice as to whether the sign requires building approval.

How to apply

1. Supporting documents:

Prepare the attachments required for your online application as Word, PDF or JPG files.

Required attachments include:

  • site plans with location of all existing structures and proposed signage
  • sign/s design and construction details (either photos or drawings showing size, shape etc.)
  • Department of Main Roads approval if property if proposed sign/s are exhibited on or visible from a state controlled road or motorway.

Sign specific requirements include:

  • Construction site building wraps and road banners:
    • copy of the public liability insurance policy for a minimum of $10 million with Council named as an interested party
    • certificate of structural adequacy from a certified engineer
  • Temporary inflatable signs and real estate signs:
    • copy of the public liability insurance policy for a minimum of $10 million with Council named as an interested party
  • Mobile motor vehicle sign:
    • vehicle registration number.

2. Application for advertising sign approvals

Complete the Application for advertising sign approvals online form including:

  • uploading your supporting documents
  • paying the application fee using a Visa or Mastercard.

Alternatively, you can complete the hard copy form.

Right to review

If you are given an approval that is subject to conditions, or your application is refused you may apply to Council for a review of the decision. The application for a review must be made within 20 working days from the day on which the decision notice is given to you.

A fee applies to review an advertising sign application decision.

More information

For more information specific to your situation, phone Council's Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263).

Last updated:26 June 2019