Builder and developer signs

A range of signs are permitted for builders and developers. You do not need anything in writing from Brisbane City Council to display a permitted sign, provided you carry out a self-assessment to make sure you comply with the relevant requirements set out below. If your proposed sign does not comply you will need to apply for full assessment and be granted a licence before you can display your sign.

Common permitted signs include:

Construction project directory sign

A construction project directory sign is for the display of a brief description of the construction project including information about the developer, the builder, the project manager, the construction manager, the architect, engineering consultants and other consultants and contact details of relevant parties.

The maximum area of a permitted construction project directory sign is 20 square metres per street frontage of a property.

Construction site fence sign

A construction site fence sign is an advertisement painted or otherwise affixed flat on a temporary safety fence of a construction site.

 A permitted construction site fence sign must:

  • display only information related to the project under construction, for example, the project developer, construction company, proposed uses or completion date
  • be a maximum area of one square metre of the length of the fence to which it is attached (the area of a construction site fence sign excludes the area of any poster panel which may have been designated by Council for the posting of fly poster signs and the area of any artworks on the fence such as murals).

Construction site sign

A construction site sign is an advertisement affixed to a structure or building under construction or to on-site construction equipment such as a crane.

A permitted construction site sign must:

  • have a maximum area of 20 square metres
  • display only the name or logo of the owner or developer of the construction project or of the construction company.
Last updated:9 May 2019