Garage sale signs

A garage sale sign is a temporary advertisement for a household garage sale.

For a garage sale in a residential area, you can have signs on the property holding the garage sale, and a sign on the footway in front of the property. No other garage sale signs can be displayed on public land.

You do not need anything in writing from Brisbane City Council to display a permitted garage sale sign, provided you carry out a self-assessment to make sure you comply with the relevant requirements.

Permitted garage sale signs on the property must:

  • not be able to be illuminated
  • only be displayed on the day of a garage sale
  • not exceed a total of 1.2 square metres.

A permitted footway sign in front of the property holding the garage sale must have a maximum:

  • height of one metre
  • width of 0.6 metres
  • depth of 0.6 metres.
Last updated:9 May 2019