Prohibited signs

To protect the amenity of the area, ensure public safety and respect the visual rights of other property owners, some signs are prohibited. You must not display these signs and cannot apply for Brisbane City Council to assess these types of signs.

Above awning sign

An above awning sign is an advertisement above an awning, verandah roof or the like.

Bunting and streamers

Bunting is a series of small flags or pennants suspended from a rope or a cable, and streamers are long suspended ribbons of cloth or similar non-rigid material.

Fly poster sign

A fly poster sign is a non-rigid advertisement and is typically a printed paper advertisement, multiple copies of which are glued to walls and other fixtures in public places. An authorised wall sign is not a fly poster sign.

Inflatable sign

An inflatable sign includes any fixed or captive envelope, balloon, blimp or kite, whether a cold air inflatable or lighter than air aerial device.

Off-site directional sign

An off-site directional sign is an advertisement directing attention to an activity on another site, where the advertisement is not a new estate sales sign provided for elsewhere in the subordinate local law.

Vehicle sign (standing)

A vehicle sign (standing) is an advertisement displayed on a vehicle where the display of the advertisement is the primary use of the vehicle and the vehicle is parked for more than five minutes or is left unattended in a public place.

Last updated:9 May 2019