New registration for dogs

Brisbane City Council only registers dogs that live in Brisbane. New residents must register or transfer their dog's registration within 14 days of moving to Brisbane. Dog registrations are valid for 12 months from date of registration or renewal.

Registration applications

Lodge your application with the appropriate registration fee by:

Reduced registration fees

You can receive reduced registration fees when you adopt a dog from an approved facility at:

The approved facility must:

  1. Stamp or write their name identifying their details on the registration form.
  2. Forward a copy the completed dog registration application form to Council.
  3. Ensure the dog is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated prior to being sold.

Approved facilities participating in this program may request that Council provides them with application forms and reply paid envelopes.

Free registration

Guide, hearing, mobility, support and psychiatric assistance dogs

Persons supported by guide, hearing, mobility, support and psychiatric assistance dogs receive free registration for assistance dogs. You must submit an animal registration form and a copy of the:  

  • guide or hearing handlers identification card
  • appropriate handlers identification card.

Government entity dog

The Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008 exempts a government entity dog (e.g. a police or customs dog) from registration and microchipping. Council does not require an animal registration form for these dogs.

Registration transfers

Pet owners moving to Brisbane can transfer their remaining registration to Council by lodging a dog registration application form. You can submit your transfer from another Council, only via mail or at a Regional Business Centre. You must provide:

  • the current registration
  • declared dangerous or menacing dog information (if applicable).

Registration tags

From mid-December, Council will offer a choice between the type of tag worn by a dog. A range of metal tags (in black, blue and pink) will be available for dog owners to purchase for a small additional fee. These metal tags are engraved on both sides and include Council's logo, the dog's registration number, dog's name and the owner's contact phone number. More information will be available closer to date.

Once registered, Council will send you an identification tag for your pet to wear constantly. 

For currently registered dogs, Council replaces lost, damaged, illegible, faded or faulty registration tags, free of charge.

To request a replacement tag for your dog, complete a replacement tag application form online. Alternatively, apply by completing the hard copy form.

Council will send a replacement tag within 10 working days.

Dog registration benefits

Registered dogs are more likely to be returned to their owners if lost. Other benefits include:

  • a Council registration tag
  • Council activities for you and your dog, including dog parks and exercise facilities
  • a 24 hour lost and found service
  • the investigation and resolution of dog problems.
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Last updated: 19 November 2020