Commercial activities on Council roads

Under Brisbane City Council’s Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014, Council regulates commercial activities on Council roads to:

  • protect the safe passage of pedestrian traffic along the verge
  • prevent interference with vehicles using any lawful crossing over the verge
  • ensure the safe management of traffic along the carriageway
  • protect the safety of people using the road as pedestrians, cyclists or motorists
  • protect Council assets from damage and ensure that those assets are kept accessible and clean
  • minimise adverse impacts on the amenity of the immediate vicinity of the activity. 

Regulated activities

Regulated activities on Council roads include:

  • busking (with or without the use of amplification equipment)
  • conducting a promotional activity on a road or colonnade
  • displaying or storing articles (e.g. boats) or vehicles on a road or colonnade
  • installing or operating a vending machine on a roadside
  • setting up a free newspaper dispensing machine in or on any roadside
  • setting up or using in or on any road any stall, booth, stand, tables or chairs or both or standing vehicle for a purpose of or connected with the carrying on of any commercial or promotional activity.

Council consent is required to conduct any of the regulated activities.

Prohibited activities

Under the local law, selling a motor vehicle on or from a road is a prohibited activity and an on-the-spot fine applies.

The Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014 is available for download from the State Government Local Laws database.

Last updated: 30 October 2019