Development application forms

Development applications lodged under the Planning Act 2016 (PA) must be lodged with the Planning Act 2016 development assessment forms.

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Development assessment application forms

Development assessment forms (DA form 1, DA form 2 and DA form 5) are used state-wide and are the basis for any development application. You must complete the applicable form and provide any relevant material required with the application.

Development services application forms

Council's user guide and frequently asked questions (FAQ) may provide assistance when completing the online form:

RiskSMART application forms can be found on Council's information for accredited RiskSMART consultants page.

South Bank Corporation area

You can change or extend an application for an approved South Bank development application with the request to change or extend an existing approval online form.

Before construction

Building over Council infrastructure

Council does not process or assess build over sewer applications. Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) are responsible for full assessment and fast-track build over sewer applications.

For other build over infrastructure applications, Council's fast track process aligns with the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part (MP) 1.4 requirements. This change also provides building certifiers an additional method of self-assessment for building over infrastructure. The lodgement process has not changed.

If the proposed work does not meet the requirements detailed in MP1.4, Council requires a full assessment as the concurrence agency. You can have a full assessment done by completing the standard Council building over infrastructure form. You also need the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) form 1. It must clearly identify the request for assessment of building over infrastructure by Council in accordance with QDC MP 1.4.

Download the:

Note: this application must be Registered Professional Engineers Queensland (RPEQ) designed and certified. For more information, refer to the relevant assessment manual as well as the form requirements.

Fast track privately certified building over stormwater

For stormwater pipe sizes up to 910 millimetres in diameter, applicants must use the QDC MP 1.4 compliant fast track process. Requirements are outlined in forms and manuals. This includes:

  • what is required
  • who submits the applications
  • whether they are a private certifier (where applicable)
  • RPEQ requirements; and
  • if you need a performance solution.

The fast track privately certified building over stormwater assessment manual also provides construction details.

Download the:



Siting variation

Use the application for siting variation form to apply for the following:

  • Siting variation express assessment
  • Siting variation - full assessment
  • Siting variation - fast track assessment.

Alternatively, you can apply by completing the hard copy forms:

After construction

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You can lodge an application for a planning and development certificate online and pay with credit card.

Last updated: 10 August 2021