Have your say on neighbourhood plans

All development in Brisbane is directed by plans that show where new development can go and what can and cannot be built. Brisbane City Council does not change these plans without consulting with the community. Residents can have a say by:

  • attending workshops
  • making a submission to Council
  • being part of a community planning team.

Council usually starts by gathering ideas through community workshops and surveys. Council’s town planners then analyse this information, combine it with technical research, and draft a plan. Often Council will set up a reference group of community members and specialists to help with this work. 

Residents can view the draft plan when it is released for public display and consultation (limited period). Write a formal submission and post it to Council within the specified timeframe. 

Council is legally required to report to Queensland Government on submissions (including response to same). After the display period, there are no formal opportunities to influence the plan, unless it is reviewed or amended at a later date.

Make an online submission

The planning legislation allows for electronic submissions (online), as well as in writing.

Download the factsheet for detailed information about preparing neighbourhood planning submissions:

Last updated:9 May 2019