Neighbourhood planning and urban renewal process

Neighbourhood plans guide development in local communities, to ensure each area retains and enhances its own special character and qualities. They provide you with an opportunity to have your say on how your communities will develop in the future.

Neighbourhood planning helps to:

  • manage a growing, dynamic city
  • achieve the Queensland Government's South East Queensland Regional Plan targets
  • give communities an opportunity to have a say in planning at a local level to guide future development
  • facilitate economic growth
  • determine where character development is to be retained
  • set out levels of assessment for new development
  • plan for new infrastructure networks
  • provide for local area improvements and open space
  • consider other environmental, social and economic factors in each community.

Neighbourhood planning follows a clear process set by Queensland Government legislation.

There are different types of neighbourhood plans undertaken in Brisbane to accommodate the varying demands of the city.

  1. Urban Renewal
    • plans located within approximately five kilometres of the Central Business District (CBD)
    • focused on facilitating investment in often already highly urbanised areas.
  2. Neighbourhood Planning
    • plans located outside approximately a five kilometre radius of the CBD
    • plan areas vary greatly from high growth to greenfield areas.
  3. Community Engagement Framework
    • reinforces Council’s commitment to quality community engagement
    • integrates the community into plan-making and project management processes
    • maintains transparency and flexibility
    • clarifies processes to internal and external stakeholders
    • allows for tailored responses to local issues
    • provides best practice community for Urban Renewal Brisbane partners
    • simplifies the planning and budgeting of community engagement activities.

Download the Urban Renewal Brisbane Community Engagement Framework (PDF - 789kb).

To learn more about Urban Renewal Brisbane, you can download the Urban Renewal 20 Year Celebrations Magazine (PDF - 6.2Mb).

More information

For further information about neighbourhood planning, you can:

  • email the project team
  • contact Council
  • write to:
    Neighbourhood Planning and Urban Renewal
    City Planning & Economic Development Branch
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001
Last updated:10 June 2019