FloodWise Property Report frequently asked questions

FloodWise Property Reports have been developed by Brisbane City Council to provide residents with information about flooding.

On this page, you will find answers to the following questions:

What changes have been made to Council’s FloodWise Property Reports from the Brisbane River Catchment Flood Study (BRCFS), and have flood levels changed as a result?

Following Queensland Government’s update to the BRCFS model in February 2020 Council updated the FloodWise Property Reports in May 2020 to provide property specific Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) levels of Brisbane River. Flood planning requirements for Brisbane river have not been changed as a result of this data update. To determine the likelihood of flooding in your area, please refer to the Flood Awareness Map. To find out more about the BRCFS visit their website or phone 13QGOV (13 7468).

Does the FloodWise Property Report reflect the flood levels from the January 2011 Brisbane River flood?

Yes, the FloodWise Property Report has been updated to include the best estimate of the Brisbane River January 2011 flood level, based on mapping from the estimated extent of the January 2011 flood depicted on the maps currently available on the Queensland State government website.

How do I contact a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland?

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland website has a list of registered professional engineers.

Why are some flood levels missing from my report?

Council uses the best available information for the FloodWise Property Report, however some flooding sources may not be available when the report is produced. You can use the 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) level or Defined Flood Level for development purposes or alternatively consult a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland for a more detailed flood study of a property. 

Why doesn't my report display the habitable floor level?

If a property is a large allotment or within an overland flow path, Council is unable to supply an accurate minimum habitable floor level on the FloodWise Property Report. In this situation, Council recommends that you contact a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland to determine the minimum habitable floor level for a specific property.

Why doesn't my report display ground levels?

The graph used in the FloodWise Property Report is unable to display ground level values below sea level. You can find property ground levels in the Technical Summary section of the report.

Why is the address on the front of my report different to the one listed in the Technical Summary section?

As development across Brisbane occurs, subdivision and development guidelines change and some properties are allocated a new address. The address given in the Technical Summary section is the new address as it is now known to Council. 

I have a dispute with the flood information contained in my FloodWise Property Report

The FloodWise Property Report is based on the latest flood information available to Council.

If you do not agree or would like to dispute flood levels provided in the report, please outline your concerns in a letter to Council addressed to:

Flood Information Officer
Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane  Qld  4001

Alternatively, you can send an email.  

Include your name, telephone number and postal address so that the Flood Information Officer can contact you.

Last updated: 12 June 2020