Fortitude Valley (the Valley) special entertainment precinct

About the Valley special entertainment precinct

The precinct was created to ensure the long-term future of the music-based entertainment industry in the Valley without exposing residents or businesses to unreasonable levels of amplified music noise.

Amplified music venues in the Valley

Council defines special entertainment areas in the Fortitude Valley neighbourhood plan, part of Brisbane City Plan 2014. Amplified music venues in these precincts require an amplified music venue permit.

Valley Music Harmony Plan

Find out more about Council's strategic Valley Music Harmony Plan, which aims to manage conflict between residents, venues and other businesses.

Valley Sound Machine

Experience the Valley Sound Machine, an online tool that lets you experience simulated noise levels at different times and places in the special entertainment area.

Valley special entertainment precinct background

Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government amended noise and planning laws to create the Fortitude Valley special entertainment precinct. Read more about the background.


Last updated: 31 August 2020