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Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan

From late 2015, Brisbane City Council worked with the community to update the neighbourhood plan, originally adopted in 2007, for the suburbs of Ferny Grove and Upper Kedron, focusing on the area south of Cedar Creek.

The project followed a direction from the Queensland Government on 1 September 2015 to amend the neighbourhood plan after a review of the development application at 390 Levitt Road, Upper Kedron.

Council has now formally adopted the updated neighbourhood plan, including Queensland Government conditions, to guide future development in the local area.

Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan area

View the Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan area in a larger map.

You can also download the Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan Area Map (PDF - 1.8Mb).

Community input in 2015-2016

Between November 2015 and December 2016 Council received input into the drafting process for the neighbourhood plan through a number of different conversations. These included 600 online survey responses, 330 submissions on a draft strategy document, four information kiosks, four Community Planning Team (CPT) meetings, and direct contact with Council planners by letter, email and phone.

CPT members said that preservation of the area's bushland and at-risk fauna is important and also considered options for development being located in clusters away from bushfire-prone areas.

Community consultation in 2017

Council's draft amendment update of the plan was publicly notified for community submissions from 1 June to 14 July 2017 and 685 properly made submissions were received.

In response to submissions, Council made the following changes to the draft neighbourhood plan:

  • Reaffirmed our intention to protect and enhance local ecological areas and waterways by replacing the revegetation plan required by the Queensland Government’s conditions of May 2017 with provisions that require future revegetation and rehabilitation of corridors to contribute to local and regional biodiversity values.
  • Reaffirmed the range of housing types and dwelling unit density preferred in the area through the inclusion of a ‘Cedar Creek south precinct plan’ illustrating the desired outcomes.
  • Ensured the natural topography of the area is maintained and require site-responsive design for development on steep slopes and at risk of natural hazards.
  • Ensured the safe development of future homes by including updated bushfire hazard provisions and mapping.

The following components of the draft neighbourhood plan remained unchanged:

  • Provision of a 40-hectare conservation area along Mt Nebo Road, which recently transferred into public ownership, with a further 51 hectares of rehabilitated ecological and waterway corridors to be transferred to public ownership at no cost to the community in the future.
  • Minimum lot sizes and preferred dwelling unit densities, to be established through two precincts so that residential lots transition from urban to natural environments.
  • Support for an efficient transport network and an emergency-access-only connection to Mt Nebo Road.

Download the report on submissions outlining how Council responded to individual matters raised by the community:

You can also download the neighbourhood plan drafted by Council and sent for Queensland Government approval on 9 September 2017:

Queensland Government approval conditions

On 28 May 2018, the Queensland Government advised Council that the amendment package could be adopted subject to conditions. The neighbourhood plan has been amended to include:

  • an emergency services and active transport link connecting the Cedar Creek south precinct to Mt Nebo Road (subject to further detailed transport planning and community consultation) in the road hierarchy overlay map
  • future bushfire risk mapping provided by the Queensland Government in the bushfire overlay map
  • a revegetation map (including regional ecosystem types), provided by the Queensland Government, for reference within the bushfire overlay code.


Late 2015-mid 2016

Background research

Council undertook research and community consultation to understand the key issues and opportunities affecting the area's future.

Download the:

10 October-7 November 2016

Draft strategy release

Council developed a strategy for community feedback to set the direction for the neighbourhood plan and explain in plain English how Council proposes to update the neighbourhood plan.

Download the:

Late 2016

Draft neighbourhood plan

Following community feedback on the strategy, Council developed a draft update to the neighbourhood plan.

You can download Council's draft neighbourhood plan submitted to the Queensland Government reflecting the results of community input and expert studies.

NOTE: This draft plan has now been revised and is no longer current.

Download the:

April-May 2017

First state review completed

On 27 April 2017 Council received the Queensland Government's first state interest review and approval to proceed to public consultation, with conditions, which were further amended on 18 May 2017. 

1 June-14 July 2017

Council revised the draft plan in accordance with the Queensland Government conditions, and it was then publicly notified for community submissions.

Download the 2017 public consultation version of the Draft Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan - superseded (Word - 10.27Mb).

Download high resolution versions of the Draft Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan maps and figures. You can download them in full or in parts:

Download the:

9 September 2017

Council considered all written submissions and made further changes to the draft neighbourhood plan where appropriate.

Council then sent the draft plan for the second Queensland Government review and approval to adopt.

Download the draft neighbourhood plan (superseded) and report on submissions provided to Queensland Government.

28 August 2018

Neighbourhood plan and consequential amendments to Brisbane City Plan 2014 adopted by Council.

21 September 2018


The Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan came into effect as a planning instrument for the purpose of development applications.

23 November 2018

Neighbourhood plan effective in Brisbane City Plan 2014.

You can view the City Plan Amendment v12.00/2018 including the Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan, consequential amendments details and the public notice.

The Gap Neighbourhood Plan

Council has also prepared a draft neighbourhood plan to guide development in The Gap. The draft plan was publicly notified for community submissions from 30 July to 10 September 2018 and Council is now reviewing the submissions received.

Find out more about The Gap Neighbourhood Plan.

Brisbane's Future Blueprint

After input from more than 100,000 residents, in June 2018 Council released Brisbane's Future Blueprint with eight principles to guide decisions for Brisbane. One of these principles is creating a city of neighbourhoods where residents are close to the services they need and the lifestyle and leisure options they want.

Council creates plans like the Ferny Grove-Upper Kedron Neighbourhood Plan to help make this long-term vision a reality.

Other City Plan amendments

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