Brisbane City Council is growing your Brisbane lifestyle, so you can do more of what you love, including spending more time enjoying our beautiful climate and connecting with the people and places that make our city great.

Use this page to find things to see and do in Brisbane and to help plan your adventures around Brisbane City and our suburbs.

Get out and about 

There's oodles to see and do in Brisbane this October. Make the most of the warmer weather and longer days and get out and about to events, places and spaces across the City.

Fitness fun

Get active at our free and low-cost fitness classes. There's activities for all ages, fitness levels and abilities including tai chi, aqua, yoga, line dancing, Zumba, pilates, boxing, cross training and loads more.

Out and about ideas

Check out our top suggestions for things to do in beautiful Brisbane in October including Brisbane German Week and Oktoberfest, Diwali Festival, Valley Fiesta and loads more.

Bands in Parks

Bands in Parks performances take place across Brisbane in local parks. Make a date to see a free Bands in Parks performance this spring.


Brisbane is the perfect city to play a round of golf. Tee off at our two pay-and-play golf courses at Victoria Park Golf Complex, Herston or St Lucia Golf Links.

Growing your Brisbane lifestyle with great places

Creating more lifestyle and leisure options in a city that’s clean and green means more opportunities to enjoy beautiful Brisbane. 

Walking trails

Discover public art trails and heritage trails around Brisbane. Our most popular public art trail is the World Expo '88 Public Art Trail.

Outdoor Gallery

Our Outdoor Gallery turns Brisbane's laneways and city streets into imaginative, curious and engaging spaces. Until 1 December 2019, check out the Women's Work exhibition.


Council's 22 swimming pools across Brisbane provide opportunities for fun, fitness and recreation.  Visit a Council pool to cool off, relax, enjoy water play, swim laps, attend a fitness class or learn to swim.


Enjoy a show in the Cosmic Skydome, take a virtual tour of Brisbane's night sky with an astronomer, or view the educational displays.

Growing your Brisbane lifestyle with events

Council helps deliver thousands of markets, festivals and events each year. 

City Hall Concerts

Did you know that there is a free musical concert in Brisbane City Hall every Tuesday from 12-1pm. In October enjoy Twilight on the Trail, Robert Ampt and Amy Johansen and more.

Aqua aerobics

If you're looking for a good all-round form of water exercise, our aqua aerobics classes are just the thing for you!

Brisbane Portrait Prize

The Brisbane Portrait Prize finalists are on display at Brisbane Powerhouse until 31 October 2019. Get along to check out the best in local contemporary portraiture.

Outdoor Cinema in the Suburbs

Enjoy the great outdoors and spend quality time with family and friends with Outdoor Cinema in the Suburbs. Find a free movie in a park near you.

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Opening four months ahead of schedule, Brisbane residents have been enjoying the Woolloongabba Bikeway for almost three months now.

The double-decker CityCat is almost here 

Joining the existing 21-strong CityCat fleet later in the year, Council's next generation CityCat 22 means more opportunities to connect with the people and places that make our city great.

Watch our latest workout videos

We took personal trainer Roger from @mind_and_muscle_pt to one of our Council outdoor gyms to step us through workouts for the upper body and core and legs. Watch the videos below, or watch them on Council's YouTube channel.

This video is 3.09 minutes long.

Video transcript

Upper body workout at Brisbane City Council's outdoor gyms

Complete 3 sets of each exercise.

Workout by @mind_and_muscle_pt

[Background music throughout video]

Chest press - 10-15 repetitions

First up we're going to start with the chest press, which is going to target the chest, triceps and a bit of the shoulders.

First thing we want is the shoulder blades back, tucked down and together, chest up, core nice and tight. And now push through the palms. Big squeeze, full extension, and bring it all the way back.

Push ups - 10-15 repetitions

So here we have a push-up which is going to target the chest, triceps and shoulders as well as the core.

To start with we're going to jump up on the knees. Just make sure when we're pressing down that the chest comes over the body and the shoulders stay back. That's it, controlling down and squeezing back up.

To make this harder we're going to jump up onto the toes. Keep that core nice and tight, pin the shoulders back and off we go.

Inverted row - 10-15 repetitions

And here we have an inverted row which is going to target primarily the back, biceps and forearms.

So we want to lean back, holding the rings. Get our body into a nice flat position, core nice and tight, and then drawing up through the elbows, pulling up, that's it. Keeping the shoulder blades down, big squeeze and come down nice and slow.

So to make this one a little bit harder we're going to creep the feet forward just a touch. That's it, keep your back nice and flat, core tight, and pulling up.

Dips - 3 repetitions

So here we have a body weight dip which is a more advanced version, which is also going to target the chest, triceps and shoulders.

We're going to make sure we pin the shoulders back again, core night and tight, really squeezing the triceps.

Chin ups - 3 repetitions

Here we have a chin up which is going to target the back, biceps and forearms.

So we'll grab on to the bar. You want a full extension, lock the shoulder blades in, squeeze the core and then squeezing up through the biceps. Control down. All the way up.

So if we can't do this as well, you can jump up, hold and come down nice and slow.

Here we go. One! [Participant laughs]

The harder version is the wide grip pull up. So we're gonna go over hand, targeting the same muscles to a different extent. Again locking the scapular in, pulling up through the back, squeezing up. Chin over. Control.

This video is 2.27 minutes long.

Video transcript

Core and legs workout at Brisbane City Council's outdoor gyms

10-15 repetitions each exercise for three sets

Workout by @mind_and_muscle_pt

[Background music throughout the video]

Knee raises

So here we have knee raises which is going to target the abdominals, your core.

So you really want to brace yourself up on the parallel bars, push your back back, roll the hips in to squeeze the tummy. So we're targeting the bottom abdominals and really pulling up with the knees. We'll stop it there.

Now to make this one a little bit harder we're gonna straighten the legs but still targeting the lower abdominals. So big squeeze.

Sit ups

Here we have a sit-up so we're really going to target the abdominals.

So we want to make sure we're not flying back and flying back up. So really tuck in the core, roll the hips up. Nice and slow down and not going all the way to the bottom, but pulling short about a couple inches. So control down and squeeze up.

Split squats

So here we have a split squat, which is essentially a single legged squat.

So really targeting the single leg trying to focus on pushing through the hamstring and the glutes. Really driving through the heel and squeezing the glutes. Coming down slow, driving up.

To make this one a little bit harder, we're going to chuck the back foot on here. Still driving through the heel, squeezing the glute. And just making sure the knee stays behind the toe, that's it. And sitting into it.

Leg presses

So next up we've go the leg press, which is going to target the legs, mainly the quads, hamstrings and glutes. So we really want to emphasise pushing through the heels to really activate the hamies and the glutes and take pressure off the knees.

Now to make it harder, we'l go single leg. So just make sure the knee stays in line with the foot and it's not going in or out.