Borrowing e-books from the library

From Monday 23 March all 33 Brisbane City Council libraries will close to customers in order to help slow the spread of coronavirus. 

Residents without an existing membership will be able to apply online for a temporary digital membership to access the digital collection. 

You can apply for a temporary digital membership via Council's online library catelogue (eLibCat) from Monday 23 March.

Brisbane City Council library members can access digital content via the online library catalogue, eLibCat. Members must use their library membership barcode number (on the back of your library card) and PIN number. Learn how to join Council’s library service.

You can use Council's online library catalogue (eLibCat) to find:

  • e-books (download or read online)
  • e-audiobooks (download or listen online)
  • e-magazines (download or browse online)
  • digital music (download or stream)
  • digital films (download or stream).

Most devices can access Brisbane libraries’ digital content. Follow the links on the e-books and downloads page to access different formats.

You can learn how to use library e-books and get other tips to get the most from the digital library collection by participating in a Tech Connect class. These sessions are free and offered at all Council libraries.  

You can check the FAQ and help files online or email the library your questions.

Ask A Librarian

If you can’t find the title you are looking for, email and include:

  • the details of the book
  • your library membership barcode number
  • the title
  • author
  • publication date
  • format you would like.

All suggestions are considered according to availability, budget and our Collection development statement.

Last updated:21 March 2020