Albion parks

Learn more about Council parks in Albion including park names, locations and their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks in Albion including park name, location and facilities.
Park name Location Facilities
Albion Overpass Park 68 Albion Road  
Albion Post Office Park 389 Sandgate Road Car park and toilet (Sandgate Road)
Burdett Street Park 35A Burdett Street  
Crosby Park 103 Crosby Road

Car parks, dog off-leash area (Royal Terrace), picnic area/shelter with electric barbecue (Fox Street), playground (Royal Terrace), rebound wall (Fox Street), water (drinking fountain)

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:

  • Brothers Community Sports Club
  • Brothers Old Boys' Rugby facility
  • Crosby Park Meals on Wheels
  • Qld Cricket facility.

Dog park improvement works

The dog off-leash area within Crosby Park will undergo improvement works from Monday 24 May 2021, with works scheduled for completion by early June 2021 (weather and site conditions permitting). Council will be creating a separate space for small dogs within the existing dog off-leash area.

A full closure of the dog off-leash area will occur for the duration of the project. The following nearby dog off-leash areas will remain available during this time:

  • Ascot Park, Kitchener Road, Ascot
  • Hercules Street Park, Hercules Street, Hamilton
  • Kalinga Park, Bertha Street, Kalinga.
Hudson Road Park 37A Hudson Road   
Yowoggera Park 70 Sandgate Road 

Breakfast Creek boardwalk, jetty (private moorings) and boat ramp. BCC depot, car park, picnic area/shelter with electric barbecue (Sandgate Road) and playground

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:

  • St Margaret's School rowing facility
  • Te Waka Taniwha Dragon Boat Club Inc.


Last updated: 7 May 2021