Brookfield parks

Find the location of parks in Brookfield and information about their facilities.

This table includes information on parks in Brookfield including park name, location and facilities.
Park name Location Facilities
Blackbutt Place Park 23A Blackbutt Place Dog off-leash area (Kensington Circuit), outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, restoration site (Huntington Street), shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
Boyd Terrace Park 16 Rees Way Barbecue (electric), half court, outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, picnic area/shelter (Rees Way), playground, restoration site (Huntington Street), shared pathway, water (bubbler)
Brookfield Recreation Reserve 48 Boscombe Road Brookfield Equestrian Group facility, barbecue (wood), picnic area/shelter (Cemetery), playground (Cemetery), water (bubbler/tap) and toilet (Brookfield Road)
Gibson Place Park (no. 18) 18 Gibson Place  
Gold Creek Reserve 53 Jones Road Bushland and walking tracks
McConnell Crescent Park 50 McConnell Crescent  
Tangy Street Park 23A Blackbutt Place  
The Rafting Ground Park (Moggill Park, Rafting Ground Reserve) 2328 Moggill Road Barbecue (electric), car park (Moggill Road), picnic area/shelter, playground, toilet (Moggill Road), pathway, water (bubbler/drinking fountain)
Winrock Street Park 80 McConnell Crescent  


Last updated: 20 May 2020
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