Dutton Park parks

Find the location of parks in Dutton Park and information about their facilities.

Dutton Park parks listed by name, location and facilities
Park nameLocationFacilities
Boggo Road Gaol Park 150 Annerley RoadShared pathway
Brier Street Park80 Rosecliffe Street 
Dutton Park (Harmony Gardens)359 Gladstone Road

Barbecue (wood), basketball half court (Gladstone Road), bikeway and pathway network, water (bubblers/taps), dog off-leash area (Gladstone Road), drive (Doyle Memorial Park), outdoor fitness/exercise station (Harmony Gardens), kick-a-bout space (Eleanor Schonell Bridge), picnic area/shelter (Harmony Gardens, TC Doyle Memorial Park), playground (Harmony Gardens), public toilet (Harmony Gardens), vantage point (Gladstone Road), bike racks

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:

  • Dutton Park Scouts.
Gair Park181 Annerley RoadWater (bubblers/taps), meeting space, war memorial and picnic area/shelter
Ovens Head Reserve187 Annerley RoadSeating and shared pathway
Rosecliffe Street Park87 Rosecliffe Street 


Last updated:7 May 2019
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