Eight Mile Plains parks

Find the location of parks in Eight Mile Plains and information about their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks in Eight Mile Plains including park name, location and facilities.
Park nameLocationFacilities
Allara Place Park2643 Logan RoadBarbecue, basketball half court (Logan Road), pathway network, picnic area/shelter, playground and water (bubbler/tap)
Arcadia Street Park153 Padstow Road 
Arpege Crescent Park33 Nardie Street 
Bolton Street Park42 Bolinda StreetBarbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter and playground 
Boorala Crescent Park8 Narmar CourtBarbecue (wood), bubbler/drinking fountain, playground and picnic area/shelter
Bordeaux Street Park114 Bordeaux StreetPlayground (Sakarben Street) and shared pathway
Brampton Street Park72 Brampton StreetBarbecue (electric), bubbler/tap, picnic area/shelter and playground 
Buckingham Place Park81 Manchester StreetBarbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, playground – shaded (Manchester Street) and water (bubbler/tap)
Charles Fraser Park
(Manchester Street Park has been amalgamated into this park)
14 Manchester Street Basketball half court, picnic area/shelter and water (bubbler/tap)
Conondale Park53 Cressbrook Street Bikeway network, outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, playground and picnic area/shelter (Kandanga Street)
Dandelion Street Park382A Warrigal RoadShared pathway
Dewberry Close Park16 Dewberry ClosePlayground, water (bubbler/tap), shared pathway
Felspar Street Park15 Stanton CourtPlayground
Gagarra Street Park43A Gagarra StreetPlayground (shaded), water (bubbler/tap) and seating
Googie Crescent Park80 Bordeaux Street 
Holmead Park2 Holmead RoadWater (bubbler/tap), car park, dog off-leash area, playground, picnic area/shelter (Ditmas Street, Holmead Park), shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap)
Jacaranda Place Park19 Arcadia StreetPlayground, picnic area/shelter and water (bubbler/tap)
Kaohsiung Park26 Highvale StreetPlayground, water (bubbler/tap), shared pathway and seating
Karhula Park34 Demigre Street Barbecue (wood), basketball half court, picnic area/shelter and playground
Levington Road Park260 Underwood RoadPicnic area/shelter and shared pathway
Lindeman Place Park139A Holmead Road 
Logan Road Park (no. 2588)2588 Logan Road 
Logan Road Park (no. 2641)2651 Logan Road 
Maisie Dixon Park46 Nardie StreetBarbecue (electric), basketball half court, bikeway, outdoor fitness/exercise trail, water (bubbler/tap), picnic area/shelter (Nardie Street) and playground (Nardie Street)
McKinlay-Davey Park (previously known as Holmead Road Park) 165 Holmead Road, adjoins Bulimba CreekWater (bubbler/drinking), playground, shared pathway and seating
Norup Park15 Teagarden StreetPlayground and water (bubbler/tap)
Padstow Road Park (no. 28)36 Padstow Road 
Padstow Road Park (no. 19)19 Padstow Road 
Priestdale Road Park (no. 2596)2596 Logan RoadWater (bubbler/tap)
Raymond Road Park20 Angel Street 
Settler Street Park30 Settler StreetPlayground, outdoor fitness/exercise station and shared pathway
Summerglen Park14 Mapleleaf Street
Playground, water (bubbler/tap) and seating
Underwood Road Park (no. 228A)226A Underwood Road 
Verdelho Street Park34 Bordeaux StreetPlayground and seating
Yucca Court Park11 Yucca CourtPlayground and seating


Last updated:7 May 2019