Ferny Grove parks

Find the location of parks in Ferny Grove and information about their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks in Ferny Grove including park name, location and facilities.
Park nameLocationFacilities
Ancaster Road Park91 McGregor Way 
Arbor Street Park45 Tramway StreetBMX track, dog off-leash area (including dog off-leash area for small dogs), restoration site (Ferny Grove Bushcare Group), water (bubbler/tap), picnic area/shelter and car park
Bergin Road Park100 Bergin Road 
Coble Park127 Archdale Road 
Ferny Grove Picnic Ground Park (Bob Cassimaty Picnic Ground)1233 Samford Road  Barbecue (wood), picnic area/shelter (The Bob Cassimaty), playground, shared pathway, skate facility and half court (Samford Road), public toilet - fully accessible, water (bubblers/taps) and car park
Greenfern Place Park15 Greenfern Place 
Greenock Place Park16 Greenock Place 
Keperra Picnic Ground Park (Ferny Grove Sports Ground, Tramway Museum Park)1200 Samford Road  

Designated drone launching area, Brisbane Tramway Museum, access (Keperra Sportsfield), barbecues (electric, wood), bowls & sports facility, picnic area/shelter (Upper Kedron Road), playground (Upper Kedron Road, sporting fields), toilet, restoration site (Ferny Grove Bushcare Group), shared pathway and water (bubbler/tap)

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:

  • Arana Contract Bridge Club
  • Ferny Grove and Districs Junior Australian Rules facility
  • Ferny Districs Junior cricket facility
  • Phoenix Netball Club 

Council has just announced the construction of the Ferny Grove Aqua Park. Find out more.

Leckmy Street Park2 Mullacor StreetPlayground and seating
McAlroy Road Park36 McAlroy Road 
McGinn Road Park (no.130)130 McGinn RoadPlayground (Pentland Close) , seating and shared pathway
McGregor Way Park (no.14)14 McGregor Way 
McGregor Way Park (no.30-34)23A Selkirk Crescent 
Melrose Place Park (no.46)46 Melrose Place 
Monash Place Park135 Bergin Road 
Movilla Street Park7 Bantry PlacePlayground and picnic area/shelter
Mur Street Park135 Lanita RoadPlayground
William Brian Daley Reserve67 Hogarth RoadSporting facility (St Andrews Catholic School) 


Last updated:7 May 2019