Forest Lake parks

Find the location of parks in Forest Lake and information about their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks in Forest Lake including park name, location and facilities.
Park name Location Facilities
Acorn Circuit Park 54 Acorn Circuit Basketball half court (circular)
Alpine Place Park 145B Forest Lake Boulevard  
Angelica Place Park 16A Tarragon Place  
Argyle Place Park 3 Argyle Place Playground (Augusta Crescent), shared pathway 
Banksia Village Park 17A Banksia Circuit Basketball half court (Banksia Circuit), bikeway, netball practice facility (Banksia Circuit), playground (Banksia Circuit), seating, shared pathway
Barrier Place Park (no.21) 21 Barrier Place Shared pathway
Baxter Crescent Park 79 Baxter Crescent  
Booloumba Crescent Park 35 Booloumba Crescent Picnic area/shelter, playground 
Boronia Park 36 Evergreen Place Playground 
Bridgeman Place Park 20 Bridgeman Place Path network and seating
Brooklands Circuit Park 45 Brooklands Circuit  
Brushwood Circuit Park 53 Brushwood Circuit Shared pathway
Cardwell Street Park 26 Lilydale Place Shared pathway
Carisbrook Circuit Park 46 Carisbrook Circuit Shared pathway
Cascade Drive Park (no. 20) 20 Cascade Drive Barbecue (electric), car parking (Kondalilla Parade & Mapleton Way), lagoon, picnic area/shelter (tennis facility), playground (Kondalilla Parade), shared pathway network, tennis facility (Kondalilla Parade), water (bubbler)
Cascade Drive Park (no. 25) 25 Cascade Drive Bikeway & path network, picnic area/shelter and barbecue
Catalina Circuit Park 3 Catalina Circuit  
Centennial Way Park 67 Centennial Way Shared pathway
Centennial Way Park (no. 125) 125 Centennial Way Shared pathway
Central Street Park 13 Central Street Netball half circle, picnic area/shelter (Hyde Place), playground (Hyde Place), water (bubbler/tap)
Claremont Parade Park 18 Claremont Parade Meeting space (Claremont Parade), playground, picnic area/shelter and water (bubbler & drinking fountain)
Collina Crescent Park 49 Collina Crescent Shared pathway and seating
Collingrove Place Park 29 Collingrove Place Playground 
Conferta Place Park 25 Conferta Place Bikeway and path network and playground 
Cook Street Park 33 Cook Street Shared pathway
Desoto Place Park 26 Carisbrook Circuit Playground
Elderslie Place Park 13 Cressbrook Street  
Eungella Terrace Park 119 Sanctuary Drive Barbecues (electric), picnic area/shelter (Eungella Terrace, Blunder Road), playground (Eungella Terrace, Blunder Road), shared pathway, water (drinking fountain)
Flinders Crescent Park (no.56) 56 Flinders Crescent  
Forest Lake Boulevard Park (no. 9A) 9A Forest Lake Boulevard  
Forest Lake Boulevard Park (no. 70) 70 Forest Lake Boulevard Shared pathway
Forest Lake Lions Park 36 Forest Lake Boulevard Barbecue (electric), pathway network, playground (Manet Crescent), seating
Forest Lake Sports Fields 310 Forest Lake Boulevard

Accessible toilet, car park (Forest Lake Boulevard, College Avenue), dog off-leash area, pathway (Forest Lake Boulevard), playground (Warburton Close), public toilet (Forest Lake Boulevard), seating, shared pathway network, sporting ovals, water (bubbler)

Also includes Forest Lake Community Hall.

Glasshouse Crescent Park 24 Toomba Place Picnic area/shelter (Glorious Way), pathway
Glengyle Place Park 21A Glengyle Place  
Glorious Way Park 25 Glorious Way Bikeway, picnic area/shelter, playground, bike rack
Halifax Street Park 69 Mulgrave Crescent Shared pathway
Hampstead Street Park 43 Hampstead Street Shared pathway
Hancock Park - Pine Village Park 27 Huon Place

Basketball half court (Ponderosa Place), shared pathway, playgrounds (near Bribie Place and Ponderosa Place), picnic area/shelter

Harrison Crescent Park 6 Mannix Place Playground
Heath Street Park 21 Laricina Circuit Bikeway, playground and picnic area/shelter
Hinchinbrook Circuit Park 58 Hinchinbrook Circuit Barbecue - electric, picnic area/shelter, playground and shared pathway
Homestead Park (previously known as Jimbour Close Park) 9 Atherton Circuit Car park (Atherton Circuit), playground, shared pathway, tennis facility, water (bubbler/tap)
Homestead Way Park 28A Homestead Way  
Jubilee Avenue Park 69 Jubilee Avenue Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, picnic area/shelter, playground, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap) 
Jubilee Avenue Park (no. 140) 140 Jubilee Avenue Shared pathway
Jubilee Avenue Park (no. 2) 108 Jubilee Avenue Shared pathway
Kauri Place Park 2A Huon Place  
Kelvin Close Park 36 Cressbrook Street Basketball half court, pathway network, playground, seating
Kensington Avenue Park 23 Kirribilli Crescent Bikeway and path network, flying fox (Peppermint Lane) and picnic area/shelter
Killarney Street Park 1 Killarney Street Car parking (Toolara Circuit), playground, shared pathway network, tennis & basketball facility, seating, water (drinking fountain)
Mauritius Parade Park 26 Mauritius Parade Seat
Mulgrave Crescent Park 2 Mulgrave Crescent Playground, picnic area/shelter and shared pathway
Oxford Parade Park (no.83) 83 Oxford Parade Seat
Oxley Place Park (no. 38) 38 Oxley Place  
Pacific Parade Park 36 Carolina Parade Barbecues (wood, electric), basketball half court (Carolina Parade), bikeway network, picnic area/shelter (Mallard Place, Pintail Crescent, Carolina Parade), playground (Carolina Parade), water (wheelchair accessible water bubbler)
Pacific Parade Park (no. 47) 47 Pacific Parade Shared pathway
Paluna Place Park 17 Cardwell Street Seat
Princeton Place Park 15 Princeton Place Picnic area/shelter, playground, shared pathway
Regents Circuit Park 32 Centennial Way Basketball half court, bikeway network, picnic area/shelter, playground, water (refill station)
Renoir Crescent Park (no. 143) 143 Renoir Crescent  
Roxwell Street Park 3 Taylor Place Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter (Paton Crescent), water (bubbler/tap) and shared pathway
Sanctuary Drive Park 62 Sanctuary Drive Barbecue (electric), basketball half court/netball court (Litchfield Close), picnic area/shelter (Litchfield Close), playground (Litchfield Close), shared pathway, tennis court (Litchfield Close), water (drinking fountain)
Scarlet Place Park 36 Scarlet Place  
Settlers Village Park 100 Flinders Crescent

Basketball keyway (Leichhardt Circuit), car parking (Leichhardt Circuit), picnic area/shelter (Leichhardt), playground (Flinders Crescent, Leichhardt Circuit), shared pathway network.

St Andrews Avenue Park 6 St Andrews Avenue Barbecue (electric) and picnic area/shelter
St James Street Park 38 St James Street Bikeway, car parking (St James Street, Queens Court), path network, playground 
Stradbroke Street Park  111 Stradbroke Street  
Tarragon Place Park 19 Tarragon Place Playground 
Teasel Crescent Park 45 Teasel Crescent Shared pathway
The Lake Parklands 7 Blue Lake Court

Accessible toilet, barbecue (electric), basketball half court (Ibis Circuit), booking sites, car park (Seabrook Crescent, Alexandrina Circuit, The Esplanade (Jetty Walk), Forest Lake Boulevard, Freshwater Circuit), outdoor fitness/exercise station (The Esplanade), outdoor fitness/exercise trail (Alexandrina Circuit, Lakeside Crescent), path and bikeway network (Forest Lake Circuit), picnic area/shelter (Freshwater Circuit, The Esplanade (Jetty Walk), Alexandrina Circuit), playground (Freshwater Circuit, Grand Avenue, Ibis Circuit, The Esplanade (Jetty Walk), Wivenhoe Circuit), public toilet (Forest Lake Boulevard), shared pathway (Forest Lake South, Forest Lake Boulevard), tennis court, water (bubblers/drinking fountains), Wi-Fi 

Tivoli Place Park 55A Centennial Way Shared pathway
Tyson Place Park 9 Atherton Circuit  
Woodland Avenue Park 18 Grasstree Place Basketball half court, path and bikeway network, playground
Woogaroo Reserve 24 Brighton Parade Activity space (Brighton Parade - includes basketball/netball facility), bikeway network, dog off-leash area, picnic area/shelter (Brighton Parade), water (bubbler)


Last updated: 14 September 2023

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