Inala parks

Find the location of parks in Inala and information about their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks in Inala including park name, location and facilities.
Park name Location Facilities
Bill Key Lock Place Park 8 Bluejay Street

Playground and picnic area/shelter

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:
  • Inala Kindergarten
Clipper Street Park 71 Clipper Street Shared pathway
Cormorant Street Park (Inala Parklands, Len Waters Place) 197 Poinsettia Street Barbecue, picnic area/shelter (Gannet Street), playground (Gannet Street), shared pathway network
D.J. Sherrington Park (Sherrington Park) 601 Blunder Road 

Durack/Inala Guides, barbecue (wood), half basketball court, picnic area/shelter, playground, shared pathway, skate facility, toilet, volleyball court, water (bubbler/taps)

Elizabeth Bruce Playground Park 38 Bamboo Street  Inala Community House, Our Place Hall, barbecue, basketball court, car park, cricket pitch, netball courts, picnic area/shelter, playground, sporting facility, water (bubbler/tap)
Eridanus Street Park 24 Bellatrix Street Barbecue (wood), basketball half court, car park, picnic area/shelter, playground, volleyball court 
Eugenia Street Park 35 Razark Street Playground (Ryecroft Place)
Forbes Park 4 Ilex Street  Barbecue (wood), half court, picnic area/shelter, playground
Hock Davis Park 63 Lavender Street  Half court (Lilac Street), playground (Lilac Street), water (bubbler/tap), picnic area/shelter, shared pathway
I.S.A. Memorial Park 108 Poinsettia Street
Memorial (Incapacitated Servicemen & Women), picnic area/shelter and shared pathway
Kev Hooper Memorial Park (Frank Denman Place, Hooper Memorial Park, Yuwargurrah-Bah) 167 Lavender Street 

Barbecue (wood), basketball half court (near Hyacinth Street), car park, dog off-leash area (near Hyacinth Street), outdoor fitness/exercise station (near Serviceton Avenue), meeting space (Yarning Circle), picnic area/shelter, playgrounds (Hyacincth Street, Lavender Street), shared pathways, water (bubbler/tap) and volleyball court

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:
  • Habitat Brisbane Group
  • Old Inala Hall
  •  cultural heritage site (Vietnamese Refugee Memorial (Freedom Place)).
McEwan Park 400 Archerfield Road 

Car park, half court, picnic area/shelter, playground (Frederick Cookman Place), soccer nets, sporting field, water (bubbler/tap) and shared pathway

Also includes community organisations and facilities for:

  • Inala & District Darts & All Sports Club.
Monoceros Street Park 40 Monoceros Street Half court and playground 
Richlands Depot Park 24 Government Road  Dog off-leash area (Government Road), water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
Thrush Street Park 120 Inala Avenue Barbecues (electric), bikeway (Westcups Way), cycle training circuit (Swallow Street), picnic area/shelter, playground (Inala Avenue), rebound wall (Thrush Street), skate facility (Swallow Street) and car park 
Tollana Place Park 28 Bedarra Street  Picnic area/shelter, playgrounds (Deodar Street, Tollana Place), shared pathway 


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