Bradbury Park improvement project - Kedron

Brisbane City Council is creating more to see and do in a clean and green Brisbane by providing more opportunities for recreation in Bradbury Park, Kedron.

As Chermside and the surrounding areas continue to grow, it is important to ensure that our parks can continue to meet the recreational needs of residents.

The project is part of Council's commitment to enhance and maintain more than 2100 parks across Brisbane.

Project summary

This table includes project summary information for the Bradbury Park improvement project
Address 91 Kitchener Road, Kedron
Ward Marchant
Project outcomes Upgrade and enhance a central section of the park to diversify the recreation opportunities
Latest update Park improvement works commenced late 2021. Additional investigations and groundwork are underway.

About the project

The Bradbury Park improvement project will provide the community with more opportunities to enjoy Brisbane's beautiful climate and connect with family and friends in places that make our city great.

Bradbury Park currently provides a hub of active opportunities and is well used by the community for netball, lawn bowls, cricket practice, Girl Guides activities and dog exercise, as well as the recently added, award-winning nature play space, award-winning scooter track, fitness equipment and basketball half-court.

The next phase of this project is to upgrade a central section of the park to deliver a vibrant, multi-use space that will cater to a broad spectrum of the community, including a play space for older children.

Latest news

Further to additional investigations and ground work that occurred between October 2021 and April 2022, Council is recommencing site activities to deliver the improvements at Bradbury Park in mid-May 2022. Those investigations have determined old fill material is present in the park, which will need to be removed before park building works resume. There is asbestos present in the fill materials.

A certified asbestos contractor has been engaged to safely handle, remove and dispose of the asbestos contaminated material in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld). Appropriate control measures will be in place during this work. Works to remove the asbestos will be completed first and will take approximately 4 weeks, weather and construction conditions permitting. Council has arranged ongoing inspections during the remainder of the construction works to ensure the safety of the community and project workers.

Once the removal is complete, works will resume and we anticipate project completion in early 2023, weather and construction conditions permitting.

About this phase of the project

The final concept plan includes a new amenity block, connecting pathways, a new car park with 53 parking spaces, and a large playscape.

The playscape will create a unique play environment that cannot be found in any other park in Brisbane. The vision for the Bradbury Park playscape is a 'biological city' that is made up of a complex series of 'hollows' (tower-like structures) and 'byways' (bridges that connect the towers) that are surrounded by a series of inclusive and accessible ground-based explorative elements.

'Hollows' are everywhere within the landscape at Bradbury Park, specifically if you take some time and focus your eye high up in the trunks of the majestic ironbark trees, which stand tall and shade the landscape. But it is within these 'hollows', that lorikeets live, and that is where inspiration is found for the shape, form, and name of describing the playscape. 'Byways', meaning a road or track not following a main route. It is the road less travelled, but it also alludes to a sense of mystery.

The playscape blends in with the natural environment to create a series of experiences that are infinite in movement – constantly changing and activating the senses. The design creates a never-ending loop of multiple play options and experiences, particularly suitable for children aged 10-15 years, that include active, social, creative, and quiet play opportunities. Children are able to choose where and how they play on and around the structure, rather than following any formal directions.

View and/or download the final concept plan:

View and/or download the improvement layout plan:

Construction impacts

Construction will take place between Monday and Friday from 6.30am to 6.30pm. Safe pedestrian access around the worksite will be maintained at all times.

The existing car park will be closed while the new car park is constructed to cater for the increasing patronage to Bradbury Park. 

Local residents and businesses in close proximity to the site may experience some construction impacts associated with these works, including noise, dust, and vibration.

Council has identified a number of trees that will need to be removed to safely complete the works to upgrade the park facilities, install the new car park and playscape. Most of the trees being removed are associated with the increased footprint of the car park and the relocated entry/exit on Batten Street to improve safety. This loss will be offset in accordance with the relevant environmental guidelines. An arborist will be engaged to ensure all remaining trees are protected during construction and continue to thrive post-construction.

Council is committed to minimising the impact of the works on the community as much as possible and thanks local residents in advance for their patience and understanding during these important works.

View/download Council's fact sheet on dust management for this project:

Completed works

Early enhancement works 

In April 2020, Council installed new gym equipment near the car park as the first in a series of early enhancement works.

These works also included the construction of the Magic Forest – a small nature play space nestled among existing trees, located on the southern side of the netball courts. This play area provides an environment that encourages creative and imaginative play in a natural setting. The nature play space incorporates natural elements such as logs and rocks, as well as hidden sculptures to encourage curiosity and imagination. It has become a special place enjoyed by children aged 3-10 years along with their parents and carers. 

Download our brochure on the Magic Forest in your preferred format:

At the same time, Council constructed a scooter track, located to the north of the existing dog off-leash area. The track is approximately 200 metres long and includes a range of different features for children to navigate, depending on their ability. The more challenging features have a bypass option for less experienced riders.

The nature play space and scooter track started construction in mid-May 2020 and were completed in July 2020. They have both recently received awards that recognise their innovative design and the recreational opportunities they provide residents.

The latest improvements to Bradbury Park included the construction of a basketball half-court adjacent to the scooter track, which was completed in July 2021.

Project timing

This table includes project timing for the Bradbury Park improvement project at Kedron.
November 2019 Consultation on the draft concept plan
Early 2020 Final concept plan for the main upgrade released.
April 2020 New fitness equipment installed
Mid-2020 Construction of nature play area and scooter track completed
September 2020 Site investigations
December 2020 Contractor awarded for detailed design and construction
October 2021 - early 2023

Construction project works, including:

  • large playscape
  • new picnic shelters and seating
  • electric barbecues
  • amenity block
  • connecting pathways
  • new car park
early 2023 Project complete

Community engagement

Community consultation was undertaken in November and December 2019. Thank you to the community for taking the time to provide feedback and helping confirm which features are included in the project.

Incorporating this feedback, Council confirmed the finalised concept plan for the park improvements with the community in early 2020, which included a basketball half-court.

More information

For more information about this project, you can:

  • call the project team on 1800 884 681during business hours
  • call Council on 07 3403 8888 after hours
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Bradbury Park upgrade
    City Projects
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane QLD 4001.
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