Keperra parks

Find the location of parks in Keperra and information about their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks in Keppera including park name, location and facilities.
Park nameLocationFacilities
Annandale Street Park107 Annandale Street 
Bundara Park36 Balvenie StreetBarbecue (wood), picnic area/shelter, playground, water (bubbler/tap) 
Camoola Street Park2 Avington StreetPlayground, water (bubbler/tap), seating
Dash Street Park (Grovely Lands)32 Duggan Street
Barbecue (electric), dog off leash area (Duggan & Dash), outdoor fitness/exercise station (Duggan & Dash), half court & rebound wall (Duggan & Dash), picnic area/shelter (Duggan & Dash), playground (Duggan & Dash), public toilet, shared pathway network, water (bubbler/tap)
Duggan Street Park29 Duggan Street  
Fihelly Street Park97 Fihelly StreetActivity space (basketball half court), bikeway, skate park, seating
Grovely Sportsground Park32 Hanran Street Bikeway, car park, soccer & rugby facility (Westside Sports), water (bubbler/tap), seating
Heiner Park (previously known as Oxford Park Reserve)170 Blaker Road Grovely Guides, Grovely Scouts, cricket ovals (Brisbane North), playground (Lesina Street), water (bubbler/tap), seating
Jurayelba Place Park68 Kane Street Playground, barbecue, picnic area/shelter, water (bubbler/tap)
Kane Street Park98 Dawson ParadeShared pathway 
Keperra Bushland70 Levitt Road Keperra Escarpment 
Keryn Place Park46 Mungarie StreetBasketball half court, dog off-leash area, water (bubbler/tap), seating
Kidman Place Park70 Kidman Place  
Kindilan Park34 Glengarry Road Activity space (basketball half court - Glengarry Road), shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap), seating
Kings Park72 Cobalt StreetPlayground (Cobalt Street), picnic area/shelter, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap) 
Mungarie Street Park (no. 46)46 Mungarie StreetPlayground, picnic setting
Oxford Grove Park (Cyril's Way, Kev McKell Oval)247 Dawson Parade Arana Leagues Club, barbecue (wood), picnic area/shetler (Concord Street), playground (Concorde Street), restoration site (Dawson Parade Bushcare Group), rugby league facility (West Arana Hills), shared pathway & Cyril's Way, water (bubbler/tap) 
Silvertop Street Park34 Silvertop StreetPlayground - shaded, shared pathway, seating, water (bubbler/tap)


Last updated:7 May 2019