Moggill parks

Find the location of parks in Moggill and information about their facilities.

Information about Moggill parks including park names, location and facilities.
Park nameLocationFacilities
Aitcheson Street Park (no. 5-6)5 Aitcheson Street 
Aitcheson Street Park (no.101)101 Aitcheson Street 
Col Westaway Oval (previously known as Leopardwood Close Park10 Leopardwood Close  Cricket club facility, cricket oval
Dalewood Place Park28 Dalewood Place  
John Sprent Reserve71 Ellerby Road 
Groundberry Crescent Park 40 Groundberry CrescentPlayground - shaded, picnic area/shelter, shared pathway
Honeyeater Crescent Park30 Whistler Place  
Jarrah Street Park174 Jarrah Street Picnic area/shelter, water (bubbler/tap), shared pathway
Joseph Avenue Park107 Joseph Avenue  
Lancewood Place Park24 Lancewood Place Picnic area
Lilly Pilly Place Park37 Lilly Pilly Place  
Mercury Street Park103 Mercury Street  
Moggill District Sports Park
Find out about the Moggill District Sport Park Project.
3660 Moggill RoadTwo sporting ovals, four hard courts, playground, car park, shelters, toilet 
Moggill Ferry Reserve
3882 Moggill RoadDesignated drone launching area, car park, picnic area/shelter, barbecue (wood)
Moggill Road Park (no.3777)3777 Moggill Road 
Myora Street Park140 Hawkesbury Road 
Priors Pocket Road Park (no. 169)169 Priors Pocket Road  
Priors Pocket Road Park (no. 300A)300A Priors Pocket Road  
Priors Pocket Road Park (no.301)301 Priors Pocket Road 
Priors Pocket Road Park (no. 530)530 Priors Pocket Road  
Priors Pocket Road Park (no. 545)545 Priors Pocket Road 
Rise Place Park6 Rise Place Seating
Sheldrake Place Park19 Weekes Road  
Silky Oak Avenue Park61 Silky Oak Avenue  
Stratford Street (Off) Park53 Stratford Street 
Vanwall Road Park35 Vanwall Road  
Wattle Crescent Park (Wattle Crescent Moggill)15 Wattle Crescent Picnic area/shelter
Westaway Park (Moggill) (Pineapple Farm)4 Witty Road Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, playground - shaded (Pineapple Farm), toilet, half court, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap)


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