Murarrie parks

Find the location of parks in Murarrie and information about their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks in Murrarie including park name, location and facilities.
Park name Location Facilities
Borthwick Avenue Park 17 Borthwick Avenue   Bikeway, seating
Calliope Circuit Park (Central Park) 11 Calliope Circuit  Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, playground, water (bubbler/tap), shared pathway
Captain Doug Hislop Park (previously know as Metroplex Avenue (no. 69) Park) 69 Metroplex Avenue  Barbecue (electric), fishing precinct including fishing deck and fish cleaning table, picnic area/shelter, shared pathway 
Carnarvon Way Park (Village Common) 38 Carnarvon Way  Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, playground, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap)
Colmslie Beach Reserve 152 Colmslie Road

Colmslie Beach, access & car parking (Colmslie Beach), accessible public toilets, barbecue (electric), Murarrie Recreation Hub, playground (Octopus Garden), picnic area/shelters, river access path, water (drinking fountains)

Find out about the Colmslie Beach Reserve project.

View photos in Council's 'Colmslie Beach Reserve' Flickr set.

Creek Road (no.725) 725 Lytton Road Shared pathway
Evergreen Place Park 41 Rosewood Place  Dog off-leash area (Rosewood Place), picnic area/shelter (Gregory Boulevard), shared pathways, water (bubbler and tap with bowl)
Goodman Place Park 168 Murarrie Road    
Kyoomba Street Park 47 Marie Street   
Marie Street Park 46 Marie Street  
Metroplex Avenue (no. 55) Park 55 Metroplex Avenue  
Metroplex Avenue Wetlands 26 Borthwick Avenue  
Mingoola Park 22 Mingoola Street  Barbecue (electric), picnic area/shelter, playground, water (bubbler)
Moonie Avenue Park 9 Governor Terrace  Water (bubbler/tap), lookout, pathways, picnic area/shelter, playground
Murarrie Recreation Ground  1238 Wynnum Road 

Barbecue (electric), bikeway & canoe ramp (Bulimba Creek), car park, clubhouse (Balmoral Cycle), criterium cycle circuit, playground (Wynnum Road), playground (Vicki Wilson), public toilet (Wynnum Road), shared pathway network, skate facility & basketball half court, sporting fields, water (bubbler/taps),

Find out about current sport and recreating planning for this park. Council is seeking feedback on a draft concept plan. There is also a scheduled information kiosk. 

Murarrie Road Park (no. 158) 158G Murarrie Road  Shared pathway
Portwine Street Park 8 Portwine Street  Basketball half court, picnic area/shelter
Redrock Street Park (Village Square) 57 Moonie Avenue  Meeting space, seat, shared pathway
Winton Crescent Park 26 Winton Crescent  Pathway
Wyandra Crescent Park (Stockyard Park) 38 Wyandra Crescent  Barbecue (electric), water (bubbler/tap), picnic area/shelter, playground, shared pathway


Last updated: 3 June 2020
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