Runcorn parks

Find the location of parks in Runcorn and information about their facilities.

This table includes information on parks in Runcorn, including locations and facilities.
Park nameLocationFacilities
Beenleigh Road Park (no. 1251)1251 Beenleigh Road 
Bonemill Road Park200 Daw RoadBarbecue, cycle training circuit (Dew Street Jr), cricket facility (Kuraby Knights), picnic area (Daw Road), public toilet (Daw Road), soccer training facility (Leopardwood Street), wetlands
Brady Bushland Park430 Gowan RoadPlayground (The Buchanan Family Playground, Belyando Street), exercise equipment, restoration site (Brandon Road Bushcare Group), shared pathway network
Bruna Street Park18 Bruna StreetPlayground
Byron Street Park2 Byron StreetPlayground
Chelsea Street Park153 Nemies Road 
Daw Road Park209 Daw Road 
Dew Street Park71 Dew Street  Baseball club facilities (Indians), bikeway network, restoration site (Runcorn Wetlands Bushcare Group)
Garrett Park (Caufield Picnic Ground)51 Vista CircuitBarbecue, picnic area, playground 
Glenefer Street Park35 Glenefer Streetdog off-leash area
Gorman Crinnen Park (Southwood Park)17 Kolan StreetPlayground 
Grove Park (Pinetree Place)6 Pinetree PlaceBarbecue, picnic area, playground 
Gumtree Street Reserve146 Gumtree Street 
Hair Park38 Victor StreetPlayground 
Hill Road Park134A Hill RoadBikeway
Hollyman Park35 Allamanda StreetPlayground
Jagera Park27 Jandowae StreetBarbecue, fitness trail, picnic area, playground
Judith Court Park50 Hollywood StreetBikeway, playground 
Karawatha Forest West376 Compton RoadBushland
Lee Close Park7B Lee Close 
Lexus Street Park18 Lexus StreetBarbecue, picnic area, playground 
Lindsay Evans Memorial Park21 Celica StreetPlayground 
Mango Street Park14 Mango StreetPlayground 
Maynard Place Park20 Maynard PlacePlayground
Melrose Place Park (no. 14)14 Melrose PlacePlayground 
Nathan Road Park106 Nathan RoadFilipino Community, Sunnybank Contract Bridge Club, bikeway, dog off-leash area (including dog off-leash area for small dogs)
Palmwoods Crescent Park21 Palmwoods CrescentHalf court, playground 
Penarth Street Park791 Beenleigh Road 
Persse Road Park160 Persse Road 
Shirley Sester Park26 Lakefield PlaceHalf court, playground 
Wakerley Park (Runcorn) (also known as Bill Ardill Memorial Field)23 Dew StreetPlayground, soccer facility (Souths United)
Wally Tate Park95 Warrigal Road 

Kuraby Cricket Club, Runcorn Horse and Pony Club, access & car parking (Warrigal Road, Beenleigh Road), dog off-leash area, half court, lure coursing facility, northern track network, playground (Besline Street), public toilet (Beenleigh Road), shared pathway & path network (Besline Street), skate facility

Council has released the concept plan for the Wally Tate Park improvement project. Find out more.

Wealth Street Park19 Toorak Place 
William Sirett Park50 Hillburn Street 
Williams Park79 Ervatamia StreetBarbecue, basketball court, fitness station, picnic area, playground


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