Seven Hills parks

Find information about Seven Hills parks and their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks in Seven Hills including park name, location and facilities.
Park nameLocation Facilities
Appia Avenue Park (Capitoline Hill)44A Appia Avenue Playground 
Ferguson Road Park149 Ferguson Road  
Griffith Place Park23 Griffith PlaceCar park, Seven Hills Hub
Miawela Street Park 34A Miawela Street Rehabilitation site (Perrin Creek & Seven Hills Group) 
Oateson Skyline Drive Park (Belmont Tramway)113 Darcy Road 
Palatine Hill Park16A Amelia Avenue 
Rembrandt Street Park335 Richmond RoadBubbler/tap, playground
Seven Hills Bushland Reserve508 Darcy RoadBushland, habitat restoration site (Perrin Creek), playground (Dalrello Street), junior sport equipment near Valaria Avenue (soccer goals, netball ring and small handball court) 

View photos in Council's 'Seven Hills Bushland Reserve' Flickr set.
Valaria Avenue Park23A Porteus DrivePlayground


Last updated:17 April 2019
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