Sherwood Arboretum facilities

Sherwood Arboretum is a riverside park with large grassy spaces to sprawl out, shade and a boardwalk along the river’s edge.  Sherwood Arboretum contains a range of facilities including car parking, children's playground, picnic areas, booking site, barbecues and taps and a botanic collection. Use this page to find out more about the park facilities.

Accessible paths, toilets and car parking

Sherwood Arboretum features wheelchair accessible toilets and paths leading from the car park to the playground, barbecues and shelter areas. 

Wheelchair accessible parking is available.

Barbecues and taps

Electric and wood barbecues are located within the park. Wood-fired barbecues are located in the northern section of the arboretum near Joseph Street. Electric barbecues are located near the playgrounds at the southern section of the arboretum near Jolimont Street.

Taps are located throughout Sherwood Arboretum to provide easy access to water. A number of taps include water troughs for dogs.

Booking site

Sherwood Arboretum at Sherwood has a designated site available for bookings for special events of short duration. The designated site is approximately 200 metres from the Brisbane River. Find out more about the Sherwood Arboretum designated booking site.

Botanic collection

Sherwood Arboretum was established in 1925 for the study and preservation of Australian native trees. Explore this collection and wander through the giant avenue of 72 Queensland kauri pines. Find out more about the botanic collection on display in the park.

Car park

Free parking is available at the Sherwood Arboretum with entry available from Jolimont Street, Sherwood.

Picnic areas

Popular picnic locations include the riverside areas and areas around the playground. Picnic tables and seats in shaded areas are located throughout the park. A number of covered picnic spaces are located around the playgrounds.


Sherwood Arboretum has two playgrounds located close to the car park off Jolimont Street. Playground equipment includes swings, slides, two climbing forts, a wooden fort, rockers and dizzy sticks, spider web tower, monkey bars and small flying fox.

Pontoon and boardwalk

A single pontoon and boardwalk is located on the Brisbane River frontage of the site.

Last updated: 19 August 2019
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