Spring Hill parks

 Find the location of parks in Spring Hill and information about their facilities.

Park nameLocationFacilities
Bedford Playground Park33 Quarry StreetLady Gowrie Child Centre, Communify Qld Spring Hill Hall, barbecue (electric), cricket field, fitness station, half court, picnic area, playground - fully fenced, tennis courts
Observatory Park230 Wickham TerraceCultural heritage site (Tower Mill precinct)
Terrace Street Park60 Sedgebrook StreetBubbler/drinking fountain, playground - fully fenced
Victoria Park (Barrambbin, Gregory Grove, Yorks Hollow)454 Gregory TerraceCentenary Pool, Multicultural Community Centre, Victoria Park Golf Course, Victoria Park golf administration and function venues, access & car parking (Gregory Terrace, Gilchrist Avenue), accessible toilet, cricket & soccer facility (Gilchrist Avenue), dog off leash area (Gregory Terrace - including small dog dog off leash area), bubblers/drinking fountains (including wheelchair accessible drinking bubbler at Gregory Terrace playground), dog bowls (Gregory Terrace dog off leash area), fitness trail (Gregory Terrace), playground (Gregory Terrace), public toilet (Gilchrist Avenue), shared pathway network (Gilchrist Avenue, Gregory Terrace), sport precinct (Brisbane Girls Grammar), tennis courts (St Joseph College), Parkour facility (Gregory Terrace)
Wickham Park330 Wickham Terrace

Wickham Park Escarpment, bubblers/taps

Construction to further enhance Wickham Park has been announced. Find out more.


Last updated:17 April 2019
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