Stones Corner parks

Find the location of parks in Stones Corner and information about their facilities.

This table provides park name, location and facilities information for parks located in Stones Corner.
Park nameLocationFacilities
Gladys Street Park42 Gladys Street


Hanlon Park56 Junction Street

Stones Corner Kindergarten, barbecue, bubblers/taps/dog bowl, car park (Cornwall Street), habitat site (Burnett Swamp Creek FREECS), half court (Junction Street), picnic area (Junction Street), playground (Junction Street, Lincoln Street), shared pathway, soccer field

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Langlands Park31 Panitya StreetLanglands Park Memorial Pool, Easts Rugby League Club, barbecue (wood), bubblers/drinking fountains, cultural heritage site (Main Avenue Heritage Substation, Memorial Gates Precinct), fitness station (Panitya Street), picnic area (Panitya Street), playground (Panitya Street), rugby league facility (Eastern Suburbs), shared pathway network, sporting facility
Langlands Annex Park92-108 Main Avenue 


Last updated:17 April 2019