Sunnybank Hills parks

Find the location of parks in Sunnybank Hills and information about their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks located in Sunnybank Hills including park name, location and facilities.
Park nameLocationFacilities
Beldale Park12 Dapper Street
Barbecue, basketball half court, netball hoop, picnic area, playground
Benbek Circuit Park15 Benbek CircuitBarbecue, basketball hoop, picnic area, playground, tennis court
Bendell Park131 Borella RoadPlayground
Bonyi Street Park29 Maroona Street 
Booral Street Park14 Bonyi StreetPlayground
Borella Road Park23 Borella RoadBasketball half court, playground
Bradman Street Park161 Morden Street 
Bushy Park14 Jales StreetPlayground 
Cavay Playground Park121 Morden RoadPlayground 
Coonawarra Street15 Coonawarra Street 
Coventry Place Park29 Coventry PlaceFormal landscape 
Ditton Road Park (no. 127)134 Ryhill Road 
Dunphy Street Park10 Dunphy StreetBarbecue, picnic area
Effie Johnson Park (previously known as Chilton Street Park)57 Garro StreetPlayground (Chilton Street)
Floribunda Place Park25 Floribunda StreetPlayground
Gibbins Street Park3/22A Gibbins Street 
Goman Street Park116 Morden Road 
Holden Park18 Holden DriveBarbecue (wood), basketball half court, playground
Honeywood Street Park10 Cherrywood StreetPlayground 
Ingram Road Park89 Ingram Road 
Jack Pyle Park283 Gowan Road
Barbecue, basketball keyway, dog off-leash area, picnic area, playground 
Jackson Road Park (no. 219)219 Jackson Road 
Jackson Road Park (no. 24)24 Jackson Road 
Lang Street Park27 Lang StreetPlayground 
Lynelle Street Park (Lot 300)49 Lynelle StreetBasketball half court, playground 
Merriwa Park23 Goorong StreetPlayground 
Morden Road Park133 Ryhill Road 
Neath Street Park81 Goman Street 
Paterson Park28 Lynelle StreetPlayground 
Robert Mitchell Park126 Ryhill RoadBarbecue, basketball half court, BMX facility (Dutton Road), picnic area (Dutton Road), playground
Ryhill Road Park (no.126)115 Ditton Road 
Seafern Street Park23 Flintstone StreetPlayground 
Sir James Killen Reserve (Stones Road Reservoir Park)154 Stones RoadBarbecue, picnic area, playground
Sunny Court Park301 Jackson RoadPlayground 
Symons Road Park34 Symons RoadPlayground 
The Avenue Park65 The Avenue Bikeway, cultural heritage site (Kalinga Park Sorry Site), lagoon (Hellawell Road), picnic area, playground
Tranquil Park (previously known as Peppercorn Street Park)68 Peppercorn StreetPlayground, picnic area, Barbecue (electric) 
Vogler Park41 Falstaff StreetBarbecue, basketball half court, handball court, picnic area, playground
Westaway Park101 Garro Street 


Last updated:23 April 2019