Virginia parks

Find the location of parks in Virginia and information about their facilities.

This table provides information about Council parks in Virginia including park name, location and facilities.
Park name Location Facilities
A.R.C. Hill Park 93 Goss Road  Barbecue (electric and wood), cricket field, disabled access water fountain (Goss Road), outdoor fitness/exercise station, picnic area, playground (Goss Road), shared pathway, sporting facility, toilets (Goss Road)
Radley Street Park 28 Radley Street  
Sandgate Road Park 2099 Sandgate Road  
Warburton Park (Virginia Recreation Reserve) 14A Wellington Street Playground, public toilet, rugby league facility (Norths St Josephs), netball court, shared pathway
West Place Park (Roy Seng Park) 35 West Place Playground (Harold Street), seating, water (bubbler/tap)
Yarraman Place Park 22 Yarraman Place Picnic area


Last updated: 19 August 2020
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