Brisbane City Council is changing Victoria Park into an iconic public parkland with something for everybody.

Council is converting the 18-hole golf course into an expansive new park following feedback from residents who have told Council they want more greenspaces with new places to relax.

This means more opportunities to enjoy Brisbane’s beautiful climate and connect with family and friends in the places that make our city great.

The draft vision for Brisbane’s biggest new park was released in January 2020 and captured your ideas and shows how it could be transformed to make our city even better. Following a six-month consultation process, your feedback is currently being assessed before the release of the final vision, planned for late 2020.

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Read the Victoria Park Draft Vision


You told us what you want, and this draft vision captures the essence of community feedback and the spirit of Brisbane's biggest new park.

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More about the Victoria Park Vision

Victoria Park will become a natural retreat, an urban park for adventure, discovery and reconnection.

A Cultural Hub will celebrate Brisbane’s heritage and natural environment. The park will feature native bushland pockets and waterholes where visitors can enjoy kayaking and swimming lagoons.

Architecture will mimic the landscape with suspended canopy walks and a tree house so visitors can connect with nature, day and night.

This prime inner-city location will include a community garden, giving visitors more to see and do.

It will be culturally authentic, celebrating the many layers of human contact with the landscape and the site’s significance to Aboriginal people.

Victoria Park is another way we’re making Brisbane better for future generations. Read about our top 10 things to get excited about at Victoria Park.

You can also watch the Victoria Park Vision video on Council's YouTube channel.

Cultural Hub

A new Cultural Hub will be the park's standout attraction. Three constructed ecosystems will transport visitors to South East Queensland's subtropical rainforest, coastal communities or other distinct landscapes to explore our cultural connections to place. This attraction will become a 'must do' for visitors seeking a uniquely Brisbane experience.

Lake Barrambin

Visitors will find many ways to interact with water. Boardwalks and trails will meander through wetlands, while small, intimate spaces and more generous multipurpose areas for gathering, events and art installations will line the water’s edge. Lake Barrambin will become a venue for kayaking.

Nature and Water Play Gully

Revegetated forests, native bushland pockets and waterholes will speak of the site’s original landscapes. The kids will love splashing about in Nature and Water Play Gully, which will be a series of naturalised constructed waterholes in addition to the new water play park at Centenary Pool. Some activities will be available early, while others must wait for new vegetation plantings to mature before they can be established.

Canopy Walk and Tree house

Sculptural buildings will offer a modern interpretation of traditional architecture, mimicking the form of the landscape and the patterning of Indigenous gunyahs (shelters). This grid-like structural element will repeat in the twisting form of the Tree House and its skirt that floats across the landscape. Lit at night, the Tree House will stand out as a beacon in the landscape, while the building forms grow from the earth.

Farm Gate and Community Garden

A gentle slope on the park's southern side offers an ideal spot for community gardens or a small urban farm, with a northern aspect for maximum sunshine and good access to surrounding neighbourhoods. A farm gate selling produce from the local producers as well as potential beekeeping or composting facilities will give residents and visitors more to see and do. Find out more.

Victoria Park Vision - Strategies

Eight strategies articulate how the vision will be achieved. They consider the park’s unique history, the needs of the city and surrounding communities, environmental imperatives and opportunities offered by the site’s natural feature and location.

Unique experiences

Peaceful, natural spaces in the park’s centre will be a striking counterpoint to its lively edge, where community life is played out.

Connected habitats

Revitalised ecosystems and restored habitats will draw wildlife back to the city and enrich our connection with nature.

Room for water

Lagoons, wetlands and a lake will bring water back to the site and restore natural cooling, cleaning and flood management systems.


Going green will be the easiest way to get to the park, with walking, cycling, bus and train the modes of choice. Every journey in the park itself will be an experience.

Health and recreation

Outdoor adventures will challenge people of all ages and abilities, inspire active lifestyles, offer a natural experience in the city and support reconnection with the natural world for mental health.


Well-located links and thoughtfully designed facilities will invite neighbours to move through and explore the park, and adopt its spaces and places as their own.

Creative expression

World-class architecture forms and unique public spaces will enable cultural expression, facilitate community gatherings and make the park a showcase for visitors from around the globe.

Cultural landscape

The park will inspire sharing, the telling of stories and learning in the landscape, with opportunities to understand and engage with Brisbane’s cultural heritage.

Project timeline


Creating the Victoria Park Vision

  • Stage 1 – Register your interest: Complete
  • Stage 2 – Have your say: Complete
  • Stage 3 – Prepare draft vision: Complete
  • Stage 4 – Release draft Victoria Park Vision for feedback early 2020: Complete
  • Stage 5 – Release final Victoria Park Vision: Late 2020

Victoria Park master plan and implementation plan


Commence construction and closure of the golf course

Frequently asked questions

Where is Victoria Park?

Victoria Park is in the north Brisbane suburb of Herston.

The Inner-City Bypass (ICB) and railway runs through the southern section of Victoria Park.

When did Council decide to upgrade Victoria Park?

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner announced on 9 June 2019 a proposal to rejuvenate the Victoria Park precinct and to make it more accessible to the Brisbane community.

Is Victoria Park heritage listed?

Yes, part of Victoria Park is a Queensland Government heritage-listed park and was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 3 December 2007. Part of Victoria Park is also listed as a Local Heritage Place under City Plan 2014.

Will the Victoria Park Vision acknowledge the Aboriginal association with the site?

Victoria Park is a known place of high significance to the Aboriginal people of greater Brisbane and as such will be recognised as part of the vision.

Will Council sell off any land or allow high-density living?

Council has no authority or plans to allow high-density living on the Victoria Park site. The land on which Victoria Park sits is mainly owned by the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy as a Deed Of Grant In Trust (DOGIT) for a combination of park and recreation purposes. The land is under Council’s custodianship and under the Land Act the trustee is not authorised to dispose of the trust land. Any proposals for commercial use would be subject to the Minister of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy approval.

What infrastructure is currently in Victoria Park?

Victoria Park is a popular recreational and park reserve for organised sport and informal recreation containing many sporting facilities such as cricket pitches, tennis courts, golf course, bikeway and a swimming pool.

What is happening with the Victoria Park Golf Complex and Golf Course?

The Victoria Park Golf Complex including the function centre, driving range, putt-putt mini-golf will continue to operate throughout planning, design and construction of new park upgrades.

The 18-hole golf course will remain open until construction commences in 2021.

What will the next phases in the project be?

Phase 2 (2020-21) will see the development of a Master Plan and Implementation Plan.

In Phase 3, the golf course will close, so construction can begin.

The popular putt putt course, golf driving range, function centre and bistro/café will remain and complement the new park facilities.

What is a Vision and how does it differ from a master plan?

Preparing a vision is the first stage in a long-term process of planning for Victoria Park. The Victoria Park Draft Vision forms the aspirational framework for how the park could grow and improve over time, proposes some principles to follow and outlines strategies around different themes. The crucial first step in the approach taken for Victoria Park involved listening to Brisbane’s community to generate a wide range of ideas at a city-wide scale.

An indicative illustrative concept plan was included in the draft vision to show how the strategies might be placed across the site. The design shown on the Illustrative Concept is not a fixed plan, rather a flexible spatial framework that responds to the community’s ideas we heard during feedback phases.

The vision will then inform a detailed master plan and implementation plan in 2020-21. Working with the community, the master planning phase will include further investigations and engagement that may need to refine the overall layout, areas and elements and help resolve issues that arise in this phase.

Is the draft vision the only time the community can be involved?

No. The intention is to work closely with the community including residents and key stakeholders throughout the project and its implementation, including the master planning phase in 2020-21. A key strategy of the draft vision is named ‘Relationships’, which embodies this principle of working together and partnerships to create a world-class inner-city park.

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