Victoria Park Vision


Brisbane City Council is transforming Victoria Park / Barrambin into an iconic public parkland with something for everybody.

Council is converting the 18-hole golf course into an expansive new 64-hectare park following feedback from residents who have told Council they want more greenspaces with new places to relax. This means more opportunities to enjoy Brisbane’s beautiful climate and connect with family, friends and visitors in the places that make our city great.

Your initial ideas were captured to prepare the Victoria Park Draft Vision which was released in January 2020. 

Following a six-month consultation process, your feedback was incorporated into the Victoria Park Vision, which was released in December 2020 and shows how the park could be transformed to make our city even better in the years ahead.

Council is progressing exciting new projects identified in the Victoria Park Vision to create more to see and do in the park sooner. Council is currently developing the Draft Master Plan to refine the overall layout and elements within the park.

Victoria Park / Barrambin will be the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games venue for the equestrian cross country. Council is working to integrate the temporary course into the master planning process, with the Draft Master Plan to be released for community consultation in the second half of 2022.

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About the Victoria Park Vision

Victoria Park / Barrambin will become a natural retreat and urban park for adventure, discovery and reconnection. Victoria Park / Barrambin is another way we’re making Brisbane better for future generations.

You told us that this vision statement captures the essence of what you want in Brisbane’s biggest new park. The Victoria Park Vision capitalises on a once-in-a-generation chance to reshape the city around a deeper understanding of history, culture and nature. 

This is your Victoria Park Vision, with something for everybody.

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Feedback prior to the draft vision showed people want the park to be a natural place filled with native species, large shady trees and water they can play in and enjoy.

You overwhelmingly told us the Victoria Park Vision achieves this for you.

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Brisbane City Council is changing Victoria Park into an iconic public parkland with something for everybody.

The vision for Brisbane’s biggest new park has been refined by your feedback and shows how the 64-hectare park will be transformed over time to make our city even better.

Victoria Park will become a natural retreat and urban park for adventure, discovery and reconnection.

A cultural hub and visitor centre will welcome visitors and take them deeper into the park’s natural environment, heritage and significance to local Aboriginal people.

An amphitheatre, high ropes course and wild-play areas will give residents and visitors more to see and do – whether exploring or relaxing.

A new urban forest will be created, increasing tree canopy cover from 10 to 60% across the park.

Architecture will blend with natural landscape. A sculptural tree house will provide fantastic views around Brisbane, day and night.

Getting to the park will be easy with new Brisbane Metro services direct to the park, while new bridges, canopy walks and paths will provide enhanced connections.

Managed productive gardens will bring new spaces to grow fresh food in the inner city, and revegetated forests, native bushland pockets and restored waterholes will cool, cleanse and provide habitat for wildlife.

The Victoria Park Vision is your vision for Brisbane’s biggest new park in 50 years and will help make our city even better.

Overview of the Victoria Park Vision

Restoring Victoria Park / Barrambin’s original waterways will re-establish natural cooling, cleansing and drainage systems that provide habitat for our wildlife. Revegetating parts of Victoria Park / Barrambin with native species will ensure Brisbane remains Australia’s most biodiverse capital city and contribute to achieving Council’s goal of increasing Brisbane’s habitat cover.

With more to see and do at Victoria Park / Barrambin, people will connect with nature high in the treetops, down in the gullies and out on boardwalks. This natural retreat in the heart of the city will provide something for everybody and become a new setting for our relaxed, outdoor lifestyle.

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By expanding Brisbane’s active transport network and encouraging sustainable travel choices, Victoria Park / Barrambin will have more green transport infrastructure to get more cars off Brisbane roads. Victoria Park / Barrambin will reconnect the park to its neighbours and the wider community, giving everybody more choice when it comes to travel.

A series of cultural and social venues at Victoria Park / Barrambin will provide hubs that draw in people of all ages to take part in community life, day and night. This is the place to be for daytime relaxing, night-time recreation and city celebrations.

Victoria Park / Barrambin will be a world-class and iconic destination that celebrates the park and Brisbane’s heritage. It will become a living landscape that combines a stunning natural setting with art, history, local Aboriginal culture and nature to delight and educate residents and visitors.

Global in appeal, but local in character, Victoria Park / Barrambin will showcase the richness of our community, culture and landscape, and become an outdoor setting for creativity.

Victoria Park / Barrambin will leverage its unique position within the vicinity of tertiary campuses, research precincts and creative facilities that make up Brisbane’s knowledge corridor to become a place of learning, innovation and expression for generations to come.

Design principles and strategies

Your ideas have inspired the design framework, which is formed by three principles and eight strategies to articulate how the vision will be achieved and guide more detailed planning in the years ahead.

The principles and strategies consider the park’s unique history, the needs of the city and surrounding communities, environmental imperatives and opportunities offered by the site’s natural features and location. How these have shaped the vision are detailed in full within the Victoria Park Vision document.



Creating a place to respectfully celebrate the connection between culture, history and nature across past, present and future generations.


Celebrating our unique interwoven landscapes and ecosystems.


Making transformational connections that stitch the parkland back into the city.


Room for water

Lagoons, wetlands and a lake will bring water back to the site and restore natural cooling, cleansing and flood management systems.

Connected habitats

Revitalised ecosystems and restored habitats will draw wildlife back to the city and enrich our connection with nature.

Creative expression

World-class architectural forms and unique public spaces will enable cultural expression, facilitate community gatherings and make the park a showcase for visitors from around the globe.

Relationships and partnerships

Well-located links to neighbours and future partnerships will invite people into the park, adopting its spaces and places as their own.

Community consultation

The Victoria Park Vision has been shaped by community-driven design. Two rounds of engagement were held between July 2019 and July 2020, initially for ideas to create the draft vision and then to seek the community’s views on the draft vision itself. 

Local residents, stakeholder groups and the wider community have demonstrated a groundswell of support for the vision for Victoria Park / Barrambin to be transformed into a natural retreat and urban park where they can explore and reconnect with a uniquely Brisbane destination. 

The Victoria Park Vision Community Engagement Report details the consultation activities, findings and how this feedback has influenced the final vision.

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Creating the Victoria Park Vision 

  • Stage 1 - Register your interest: Complete
  • Stage 2 - Have your say: Complete
  • Stage 3 - Prepare draft vision: Complete
  • Stage 4 - Release draft Victoria Park Vision for feedback early 2020: Complete
  • Stage 5 - Release final Victoria Park Vision late 2020: Complete

Projects underway and closure of the golf course

The 18-hole golf course closed in June 2021. Have your say on exciting new projects Council is progressing ahead of the Draft Master Plan.


Victoria Park master plan and implementation plan

The Victoria Park Draft Master Plan will be released for community consultation in the second half of 2022.

Frequently asked questions

Where is Victoria Park / Barrambin?

Victoria Park / Barrambin sits across Herston, Kelvin Grove and Spring Hill.

The Inner-City Bypass (ICB) and railway runs through the southern section of Victoria Park / Barrambin.

When did Council decide to upgrade Victoria Park / Barrambin?

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner announced on 9 June 2019 a proposal to rejuvenate the Victoria Park / Barrambin precinct and to make it more accessible to the Brisbane community.

Is Victoria Park / Barrambin heritage listed?

Yes, part of Victoria Park / Barrambin is a Queensland Government heritage-listed park and was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 3 December 2007. Part of Victoria Park is also listed as a Local Heritage Place under City Plan 2014.

Does the Victoria Park Vision acknowledge the Aboriginal association with the site?

Victoria Park / Barrambin is a known place of high significance to the Aboriginal people of greater Brisbane and as such has been recognised as part of the vision.

Will Council sell off any land or allow high-density living?

Council has no authority or plans to allow high-density living on the Victoria Park / Barrambin site. The land on which Victoria Park sits is mainly owned by the Queensland Government Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy as a Deed Of Grant In Trust (DOGIT) for a combination of park and recreation purposes. The land is under Council’s custodianship and under the Land Act the trustee is not authorised to dispose of the trust land. Any proposals for commercial use would be subject to the Minister of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy approval.

What sporting facilities are currently in Victoria Park / Barrambin?

Victoria Park / Barrambin is a popular park for organised sport and informal recreation containing many sporting facilities such as cricket pitches, tennis courts, bikeways and a swimming pool. The golf course has now closed.

What is happening with the Victoria Park Golf Complex and Golf Course?

The golf course is now closed. The driving range, putt-putt mini-golf, function centre and bistro remain open.

What are the next phases of the project?

Council is progressing exciting new projects ahead of the draft master plan. The draft master plan will be released for community consultation in the second half of 2022.

What is a vision and how does it differ from a master plan?

Preparing a vision is the first stage in a long-term process of planning for Victoria Park / Barrambin. The Victoria Park Draft Vision forms the aspirational framework for how the park could grow and improve over time, proposes some principles to follow and outlines strategies around different themes. The crucial first step in the approach taken for Victoria Park involved listening to Brisbane’s community to generate a wide range of ideas at a city-wide scale.

An indicative illustrative concept plan was included in the draft vision to show how the strategies might be placed across the site. The design shown on the Illustrative Concept is not a fixed plan, rather a flexible spatial framework that responds to the community’s ideas we heard during feedback phases.

The vision will continue to inform a detailed master plan which is currently underway. Working with the community, the master planning phase will include further investigations and engagement that will refine the overall layout, areas and elements within the park.

Is the draft vision the only time the community can be involved?

No. The intention is to work closely with the community including residents and key stakeholders throughout the project and its implementation, including the master planning phase. A key strategy of the draft vision is named ‘Relationships’, which embodies this principle of working together and partnerships to create a world-class inner-city park.

Will Victoria Park / Barrambin be a venue for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games?

Victoria Park / Barrambin has been named as the Games venue for the equestrian cross country. Council is working to integrate the temporary course into the master planning process, with the Draft Master Plan to be released for community consultation in the second half of 2022. Council will continue to keep the community updated.

When will work commence?

Victoria Park / Barrambin is now open for the community to explore the 64 hectares of open space, rolling green hills and expansive city views. Council is progressing exciting new projects to create more to see and do in the park sooner than planned.

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Last updated: 26 May 2022

Brisbane City Council acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land and their unique relationship with their ancestral country. We pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of Brisbane, and recognise their strength and wisdom.