Inner city motorcycle parking

Motorcycles and scooters have become a popular transport choice for commuters travelling to Brisbane’s inner city. To help cater for the demand, Brisbane City Council has installed dedicated motorcycle and scooter parking spaces in a number of locations across Brisbane. Find useful tips for parking your motorcycle in Brisbane's inner city. 

The Transport Plan for Brisbane – Strategic Directions recognises the positive impact that motorcycle travel has on managing traffic congestion on our roads, and highlights Council’s commitment to enhancing opportunities for safe motorcycle travel in the city.

Temporary parking changes

Approximately 40 motorcycle parks have been temporarily removed until late-2024 on North Quay adjacent to Turbot Street for the construction of a new sewer line on North Quay as part of the Brisbane Metro project. Contact the Brisbane Metro team for further information on the project on 1800 692 333.

See below for alternative motorcycle parking throughout the Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Motorcycle parking locations

To help plan your next journey into Brisbane’s inner city, make sure you know where you can park your motorcycle or scooter using the map or tables below:

Motorcycle parking locations map

Click on the icons to view more information on parking spaces in that location. Green icons indicate unrestricted free motorcycle parking spaces. Red icons indicate motorcycle parking spaces that are metered or have time restrictions.

View inner city motorcycle parking spaces in a larger map.

Motorcycle parking locations tables

Use the tables to see where you can park your motorcycle in Brisbane Central Business District and inner city areas.

Brisbane City and Spring Hill

Find out where you can park your motorcycle in Brisbane City and Spring Hill. 

Table including information about motorcycle spaces available within Brisbane City and Spring Hill.
Adelaide StreetCorner Gresham LaneBrisbane4


Adelaide StreetAt 360 Adelaide StreetBrisbane 10FreeFootpath
Albert StreetAt Roma Street ParklandsBrisbane 10FreeFootpath
Alice Street19 Alice Street, at Queensland ClubBrisbane10FreeFootpath
Alice StreetOutside 220 Alice StreetBrisbane4FreeStreet
Ann StreetCorner North QuayBrisbane78


Boundary StreetAt 11 St Pauls TerraceSpring Hill6FreeFootpath
Charlotte StreetAt 144 Charlotte StreetBrisbane2


Charlotte StreetOutside 62 Charlotte StreetBrisbane28PaidStreet
Charlotte StreetAt 150 Charlotte StreetBrisbane2FreeStreet
Charlotte StreetOutside 46 Charlotte StreetBrisbane3FreeStreet
Charlotte StreetOutside 12 Charlotte StreetBrisbane8FreeStreet
Charlotte StreetNear Edward StreetBrisbane15FreeStreet
Charlotte StreetOutside 45 Charlotte StreetBrisbane5


Creek StreetBeside 73 Wickham TerraceSpring Hill21FreeStreet
Gardens Point RoadUnder motorwayBrisbane115FreeFootpath
Howard StreetAt 35 Howard StreetBrisbane5


Howard StreetAt end of cul-de-sac near wallBrisbane11FreeFootpath
Leichhardt StreetAt 150 Leichardt StreetSpring Hill12FreeFootpath
Makerston StreetAt Makerston HouseBrisbane 19FreeStreet
Margaret StreetCorner Felix StreetBrisbane12FreeStreet
Margaret StreetAt 131 Margaret StreetBrisbane32P freeStreet
Margaret StreetCorner Albert StreetBrisbane124P freeStreet
Margaret StreetAt 212 Margaret StreetBrisbane2FreeStreet
Margaret Street250 Margaret Street, near Edward StreetBrisbane20FreeStreet
Mary StreetOutside 121 Mary StreetBrisbane9FreeStreet
North QuayBetween Turbot Street and Ann Street Brisbane21FreeFootpath
North QuayBetween Tank Street and Turbot StreetBrisbane30


Parkland BoulevardAt 5 Parkland BoulevardBrisbane6PaidStreet
Perry Lane-Spring Hill6FreeFootpath
Queen Street359 Queens Street, near Eagle LaneBrisbane94P FreeStreet
Turbot StreetCorner Wharf StreetSpring Hill19FreeFootpath
Turbot StreetBetween Albert Street and Edward StreetBrisbane31FreeFootpath
Turbot StreetCorner Wharf StreetSpring Hill6FreeFootpath
Turbot StreetUnder Turbot Street off rampBrisbane38


Turbot StreetUnder QR building overpassBrisbane6FreeFootpath
Turbot StreetAlong footpath in front of car parkBrisbane42FreeFootpath
Turbot StreetAt Rail Centre 2Brisbane12


Turbot StreetCorner Wickham TerraceSpring Hill18FreeFootpath
Turbot StreetOn overpass over Wickham TerraceSpring Hill10FreeFootpath
Turbot StreetOn walkway to Wickham StreetSpring Hill11FreeFootpath
Turbot StreetNorth of car park exitSpring Hill11FreeFootpath
Wedd StreetNear corner Fortescue StreetSpring Hill10FreeStreet
Wharf StreetCorner Wharf Street and Wickham StreetSpring Hill6FreeFootpath
Wharf StreetNear Turbot StreetSpring Hill15FreeFootpath
William StreetCorner Elizabeth Street (south side)Brisbane8FreeFootpath

Bowen Hills

Find out where you can park your motorcycle in Bowen Hills. 

Table including information about motorcycle spaces available within Bowen Hills.
Breakfast Creek RoadCorner Montpelier RoadBowen Hills17FreeFootpath
Campbell StreetNorthern side under Inner City BypassBowen Hills16FreeFootpath
Campbell StreetSouthern side under Inner City BypassBowen Hills18FreeFootpath
Edmondstone RoadOpposite 60 Edmondstone RoadBowen Hills5Free Street
Machinery StreetCorner King StreetBowen Hills52P, FreeStreet

Fortitude Valley and Newstead

Find out where you can park your motorcycle in Fortitude Valley and Newstead. 

Table including information about motorcycle spaces available within Fortitude Valley and Newstead.
Austin StreetAt 22 Austin StreetNewstead2FreeStreet
Barry ParadeAt 22 Barry ParadeFortitude Valley5FreeStreet
Bridge StreetNear Acland LaneFortitude Valley2FreeStreet
Church StreetAt 438 Wickham StreetFortitude Valley3FreeStreet
Constance StreetBetween Alfred Street and Wickham Street on the rail bridgeFortitude Valley24FreeFootpath
Constance StreetNear Corner Green Square CloseFortitude Valley6FreeFootpath
Constance StreetCorner of  St Pauls TerraceFortitude Valley12FreeFootpath
Doggett StreetAt 62 Doggett StreetNewstead2FreeStreet
East StreetCorner Ann StreetFortitude Valley6FreeFootpath
East StreetCorner Wickham StreetFortitude Valley10FreeFootpath
East StreetUnder concrete sheltersFortitude Valley28FreeFootpath
Edmund StreetNear Corner Ross StreetNewstead33P, FreeStreet
Florence StreetAt 40 Florence StreetNewstead1FreeStreet
Florence StreetAt 43 Florence StreetNewstead2FreeStreet
Gotha StreetNear Corner Barry ParadeFortitude Valley11FreeStreet
Hynes Street

Near Brookes Street

Fortitude Valley10FreeFootpath
Ivory StreetOpposite Harrison LaneFortitude Valley5FreeStreet
Ivory StreetNear Harrison LaneFortitude Valley4FreeStreet
Knapp StreetOpposite 164 Knapp StreetFortitude Valley9FreeStreet
Lamington StreetNear Hopetoun WayNew Farm2FreeStreet
Little StreetEnd of Little Street near Gipps StreetFortitude Valley9FreeFootpath
Masters StreetAt 16 Masters StreetNewstead2FreeStreet
Masters StreetAt 21 Masters StreetNewstead3FreeStreet
Murri WayBetween Ann Street and Wickham StreetFortitude Valley10FreeFootpath
Ross StreetAt 54 Ross StreetNewstead4FreeStreet
Wandoo StreetAt 13 Wandoo StreetFortitude Valley5FreeStreet
Warren StreetNear St Pauls TerraceFortitude Valley7Free Street
Waterloo StreetAt Corner Breakfast Creek RoadNewstead16FreeFootpath
Waterloo StreetAt Corner Breakfast Creek RoadNewstead11Free Street
Wickham StreetUnder concrete shelters on corner East StreetFortitude Valley20FreeFootpath
Wickham StreetCorner Bellow StreetFortitude Valley3FreeStreet
Winn StreetCorner Ann StreetFortitude Valley2FreeStreet


Find out where you can park your motorcycle in Herston. 

Table including information about motorcycle spaces available within Herston.
Herston RoadAt 309 Herston RoadHerston14FreeFootpath

Kangaroo Point 

Find out where you can park your motorcycle in Kangaroo Point. 

Table including information about motorcycle spaces available within Kangaroo Point.
Annie StreetOpposite Mackenzie StreetKangaroo Point6FreeStreet
Holman StreetAt 96 Holman Street Kangaroo Point3FreeStreet
Holman StreetCorner Anderson StreetKangaroo Point3FreeStreet
Holman StreetEnd of Holman StreetKangaroo Point3FreeStreet
MacDonald StreetAt 10 MacDonald StreetKangaroo Point2FreeStreet
River TerraceBetween Bell Street and Llewellyn StreetKangaroo Point10FreeStreet

Milton and Kelvin Grove

Find out where you can park your motorcycle in Milton and Kelvin Grove. 

Table including information about motorcycle spaces available within Milton and Kelvin Grove.
Chasely StreetAt Lang ParadeAuchenflower4FreeStreet
Cribb StreetAt Railway TerraceMilton11FreeFootpath
Douglas StreetAt 31 Douglas StreetMilton42FreeFootpath
Given TerraceAt 208 Given TerracePaddington3FreeStreet
Gona ParadeOff Musk AvenueKelvin Grove26FreeFootpath
Lang ParadeBetween Coronation Drive and Dunmore TerraceMilton 2FreeStreet
Latrobe TerraceAt 24 Latrobe TerracePaddington2FreeStreet
Park RoadAt 33 Park RoadMilton9FreeStreet
Sherwood RoadAt 45 Sherwood RoadToowong2FreeStreet
Victoria Park RoadNear Blamey StreetKelvin Grove6FreeStreet

South Brisbane, West End and Dutton Park

Find out where you can park your motorcycle in South Brisbane, West End and Dutton Park. 

Table including information about motorcycle spaces available within South Brisbane, West End and Dutton Park.
Annerley RoadUnder rail bridge between Park Road and Park Road WestDutton Park9FreeFootpath
Boggo RoadNext to Dutton Park Police StationDutton Park 10FreeFootpath
Boundary StreetAt 126 Boundary StreetWest End4FreeStreet
Brereton StreetAt 18 Brereton StreetSouth Brisbane2FreeStreet
Brereton StreetCorner of Montague RoadSouth Brisbane4FreeStreet
Brereton StreetAt 24 Brereton StreetSouth Brisbane4FreeStreet
Browning StreetAt 10 Browning StreetWest End6FreeStreet
Browning StreetAt 12 Browning StreetWest End7FreeStreet
Buchanan StreetCorner Donkin StreetWest End 1FreeStreet
Clarence StreetNear Annerley RoadSouth Brisbane4FreeStreet
Clarence StreetNear Annerley RoadSouth Brisbane2FreeStreet
Colchester StreetNear Corner Ernest StreetSouth Brisbane9FreeFootpath
Cordelia StreetAt 47 Cordelia StreetSouth Brisbane4FreeStreet
Cordelia StreetAt 45 Cordelia StreetSouth Brisbane8FreeStreet
Crown StreetNear Annerley RoadSouth Brisbane9FreeStreet
Edmondstone StreetAt 39 Edmondstone StreetSouth Brisbane7FreeStreet
Montague RoadWithin Kurilpa Park against fence lineSouth Brisbane 53FreeFootpath
Grey StreetAt 184 Grey StreetSouth Brisbane10FreeStreet
Grey StreetAt 71 Grey StreetSouth Brisbane24P, FreeStreet
Hardgrave RoadAt 61 Hardgrave RoadWest End3FreeStreet
Hope StreetPeel StreetSouth Brisbane9FreeFootpath
Hope StreetAt 75 Hope StreetSouth Brisbane16FreeFootpath
Horan StreetNear Jane StreetWest End3FreeFootpath
Jane StreetIn Davis Park off Jane StreetWest End10FreeStreet
Jane StreetNear Hardgrave RoadWest End4FreeStreet
Jane StreetOpposite Hardgrave RoadWest End3FreeStreet
Jane StreetAt 111 Jane StreetWest End2FreeStreet
Jane StreetBetween Buchanan Street and Riverside DriveWest End3FreeStreet
Jane StreetNear Montague RoadWest End2FreeStreet
Joe Baker StreetBetween Peter Doherty Street and Boggo RoadDutton Park 5FreeStreet
Lower River TerraceOpposite 10-20 Lower River TerraceSouth Brisbane5FreeFootpath
Manning StreetAt 52 Manning StreetSouth Brisbane 7FreeFootpath
Merivale StreetAt 70 Merivale StreetSouth Brisbane6


Merivale Street46 Merivale StreetSouth Brisbane6


Montague RoadAt 252 Montague RoadWest End3FreeStreet
Montague RoadAt Donkin StreetWest End5FreeStreet
Montague RoadOpposite Brereton StreetSouth Brisbane9FreeStreet
Montague RoadNear Stanley PlaceSouth Brisbane53FreeFootpath
O'Connell StreetNear Russell StreetWest End2FreeStreet
Peel StreetCorner Peel Street and Cordelia StreetSouth Brisbane11FreeFootpath
Russell StreetAt 54 Russell StreetWest End2FreeStreet
Russell StreetNear Edmondstone StreetSouth Brisbane12FreeStreet
Stanley StreetAt entrance to South-Eastern BuswaySouth Brisbane25FreeFootpath
T.J. Doyle Memorial Park DriveAt eastern access to Eleanor Schonell BridgeDutton Park9FreeFootpath
T.J. Doyle Memorial Park DriveAt public car park beside Brisbane RiverDutton ParkFree Footpath
Tribune StreetCorner Colchester Street underneath rail bridgeSouth Brisbane17FreeFootpath
Vulture StreetAt 8 Vulture StreetWest End3FreeStreet
Vulture StreetAt 125 Vulture StreetWest End2FreeStreet
Vulture StreetCorner Exeter StreetWest End5FreeStreet


Find out where you can park your motorcycle in Woolloongabba.

Table including information about motorcycle spaces available within Woolloongabba.
Logan RoadNorthern side between Jurgens Street and Ipswich RoadWoolloongabba32P, FreeStreet
Logan RoadCorner Logan Road and Jurgens StreetWoolloongabba5FreeFootpath
Logan RoadSouthern side between Jurgens Street and Ipswich RoadWoolloongabba12P, FreeStreet
Stanley StreetCorner of Gibbons StreetWoolloongabba3FreeStreet
Tottenham StreetOpposite Wolseley StreetWoolloongabba83P, FreeFootpath


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