Motorcycle parking tips

Motorcycle and scooter parking spaces are provided in Brisbane’s inner city to allow you to park at a cheaper rate than parking in normal car spaces. If you park your motorcycle in a normal car park you must pay the full meter fee for cars.

When choosing where to park your motorcycle or scooter, make sure you check if the parking has:

  • time limits – parking in the inner city varies from one hour to unlimited
  • meter fees – some on-road motorcycle parking spaces are metered
  • clearway conditions – these apply at some on-road motorcycle parking locations.

When parking your motorcycle ensure it is locked, and any anti-theft devices are fitted and/or enabled.

Be considerate to pedestrians and fellow riders by following these simple parking guidelines:

  • only park within signed parking areas
  • park your motorcycle or scooter with the rear wheel in first
  • only one motorcycle or scooter per marked space
  • if the bay is full, find an alternative parking space. Do not block other motorcycles in
  • do not block other motorcycles in
  • dismount or walk your motorcycle or scooter while you are on the footpath.

Find out more information about Queensland's Road Rules.

Last updated: 28 April 2019
Topics: parking

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