Clearway and solid yellow lines

Clearways improve traffic flow during peak times and public safety. You must not set down or pick up passengers in clearways, even when stopped at traffic lights or in traffic.

Clearways are also tow away zones. Any vehicle parked in a clearway will be towed as soon as possible. Towed vehicles will also be issued with a parking fine.

Don't stop or park at any time in zones marked with a solid yellow line on the road. This is a 'No Stopping' zone. Other than the yellow line, these zones are usually not signed.

Some clearway areas operate only during certain times of the day. The clearway sign will show the times of operation. If there are no times on the sign, the clearway applies 24 hours a day.

You can be issued a parking fine if you do not follow these rules. Find out how to pay or appeal a parking fine.

Last updated: 30 April 2019
Topics: parking

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