Illegal and dangerous parking

Parking rules and regulations in Brisbane maintain the safety of all road users and pedestrians. They also ensure street parking is available for all to use.

An illegally or dangerously parked vehicle is any vehicle parked outside of Brisbane City Council's parking rules and regulations. It is also any vehicle that may be creating a public safety problem.

Council may issue a parking fine or have a vehicle towed if parked illegally or dangerously.

Report illegal parking

Phone Council on 07 3403 8888:

  • to report an illegal or dangerously parked vehicle
  • if you think your vehicle has been towed.

Road camping

In Brisbane, it is illegal to camp outside designated campgrounds. You cannot camp overnight on a road or park, this includes sleeping in your vehicle.

Council may issue you with a fine if you camp or sleep in your vehicle overnight on a road or park in Brisbane.

For more information about where you can camp legally in Brisbane:

Alternatively, you can compare prices and facilities for other budget accommodation options or find public facility locations in Brisbane.

Download the factsheet in English, French and German:

Last updated: 22 October 2021