Find out about Brisbane's City and Spring Hill Loops, CityGlider and BUZ services, bus depots, accessibility, charters and safety. Brisbane City Council's bus fleet is 100% air-conditioned and wheelchair and pram accessible.

For bus timetable information, visit the TransLink website

Additional public transport services

Council is operating additional public transport services to support the community while we work to restore ferry services after the February flood event. Find out about our additional bus service and Personalised Public Transport (PPT) service

Coronavirus restrictions

As per the Queensland Health directive, masks are required on public transport. Find out more.

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Bus projects and studies

Last updated: 26 April 2022

Brisbane City Council acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land and their unique relationship with their ancestral country. We pay respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of Brisbane, and recognise their strength and wisdom.