LED Road Signs program

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) Road Signs program is a road safety initiative that involves the installation of permanent, highly visible LED road signs at traffic hotspots throughout Brisbane.

The aim of the program is to reduce the risk of accidents and near-misses at these locations. The road signs are designed to:

  • alert drivers of an upcoming intersection or traffic hazard
  • have drivers reduce their speed if they are travelling above the speed threshold that is pre-determined for that location.

About the signs

The LED road signs have two main components:

  1. Lower section - a rectangular-shaped sign with 'slow down' spelt out in highly visible LEDs.
  2. Upper section - a diamond-shaped sign featuring a symbol or icon representing the upcoming hazard at that location. Common diamond signs include symbols or icons for pedestrian crossing ahead, curve ahead, roundabout ahead and winding road ahead.

The LED road signs are permanently installed via a post and small concrete foundation on the Council-managed road verge. The signs are solar powered and have a small solar panel to keep the batteries charged.

How the signs work

The signs are vehicle activated and trigger by an approaching vehicle. The LEDs on the signs are inactive (unlit) by default. As a vehicle approaches, the sign's radar detects the speed.

The sign will only activate (light up) if a vehicle is travelling above the pre-determined speed threshold for that location. If the vehicle is travelling under the pre-determined speed threshold, the sign remains inactive.

The speed threshold at which the sign activates is not the speed limit for the location. It is an advisory recommended speed to approach the upcoming intersection or traffic hazard.

Site selection for LED road signs

Local councillors work closely with Council officers to identify and prioritise suitable locations for the LED road signs. Council bases the locations shortlist on data from:

  • an investigation of traffic hotspots
  • feedback from the community and ward councillors
  • Queensland Government's Webcrash database.

Suggest an LED road sign location

For concerns about traffic accidents or near-misses in your area, contact your local ward office to suggest a location for an LED road sign.

More information

For more information or feedback about the program, you can:

Last updated: 14 July 2021
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