Change of details

It is important to keep your contact details up to date to receive your rate accounts promptly. 

If you receive your rate account via email, you can change the email address or mobile phone number we use for SMS messages by selecting the 'change' option on the application to receive your rates via email.

Change of contact details

As an owner, for your rate account you can change your:

  • postal address
  • residential address
  • email address
  • phone number

by contacting Council.

If you are an agent or authority acting on behalf of an owner and want to update your address for receipt of rate notices, you can change your contact details by:

Change of name

Marriage or deed poll

Landowners who change their name by marriage or deed poll must supply Council with a copy of the official certificate to change the rates ownership record. You can get a copy of the certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.


Companies who own property and change their registered company name must supply Council with a copy of the change of name certificate. You can obtain a copy of this certificate from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


When a property owner dies, Council needs to change the name on the rate account. A beneficiary requesting any applicable discounts or rebates on the property needs to reapply.

If you have joint tenancy ownership of a property and your partner dies, Council can remove their name from the rate account upon receipt of the death certificate. This is not the case for 'tenants in common' ownership and Council must receive official notification from the Queensland Government before altering details. This is because ownership doesn't necessarily revert to the surviving partner.

Changing ownership details

The current landowner is responsible for the rates debt.

When you buy or sell a property, rates are adjusted to reflect new ownership.

Council alters its land ownership records after receiving official notification from the Department of Resources.

Council cannot accept change of ownership details from the new owner.

Providing a non-owner with rate account authority

You can provide access for someone to make changes to your rate account by completing and submitting a rate account authority online form. Find out more.

Rate Account and Services Establishment Fee

Council charges a Rate Account and Services Establishment Fee to establish a new rate account when a property transfers ownership. An exemption is available if specific criteria is met.

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