Receive your rates notice by email

Switch to paperless billing and receive your rates notice by email to keep our city liveable and sustainable. By opting to receive free SMS reminders, you won't forget when your bill is due.

Apply online now

To register for email delivery complete the online registration form.

You will need:

  • a current email address (only one email address for each property)
  • information from your rates account:
    • your rates account number (this is the Biller reference number - found at the bottom of page 1)
    • name(s) that appear on the rates account
    • property location
  • to accept the terms and conditions.

Depending on the rating cycle you may receive one final paper rates notice before changing to email delivery.

SMS reminders

SMS reminders will be sent if the rate account:

  • is registered to be received by email
  • has not already been paid in full
  • is not in Debt or Credit Management
  • is not in a prohibited suspension group (e.g. ownership change pending)
  • ownership has not changed since the bill was issued.

Terms and conditions for email delivery

  1. All information provided by you during the registration process must match Council records, or your registration will not be completed.
  2. You agree to receive your rates notice by email, and any associated Council documents which normally accompany the paper rates notice.
  3. You understand that you will no longer receive a paper rates notice, unless Council receives a delivery failure notification.
  4. You agree that a rates notice is deemed served when it reaches your internet service provider, whether or not you have opened or read the email.

Change details

To change your email address or mobile phone number for SMS reminders, complete the online form.

Cancel email delivery

You can cancel email delivery of your rates notice at any time by submitting the online form.

Depending on the rating cycle you may receive one final rates notice by email before changing back to paper rates notices.

More information

To find out more information on receiving your rates notice by email, including how to update your email address and whether you'll still receive a paper bill, read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Alternatively, you can phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

13 November 2017