Road surface trial puts the brakes on hoons

Every day, Brisbane City Council works with local communities to create a safe environment for everyone to travel.

As part of this commitment, Council is trialling anti-hooning road treatment on Allawah Road, Chuwar to help discourage hooning activities and unsafe road behaviour.

The anti-hooning road treatment trial involves an application of high skid-resistant road surfacing to the wide intersecting area on Allawah Road and the Powerlink substation access road at Chuwar.

The treatment aims to discourage hooning by using the rough surface to shred tyres when a driver loses traction but is not expected to have any measurable impact on vehicles driving over the surface in normal driving conditions.

The 12-month trial commenced in May 2019 and is designed to benefit residents and local businesses by helping to improve road safety and reducing noise and disruption caused by hooning behaviour.

In addition to seeking feedback from residents, Council will be monitoring the site for evidence of physical signs of hooning, including tyre marks and fuel spillage, as they evaluate trial outcomes.

The Queensland Police Service is also supportive of the trial and will be assisting with complaint data and recording hooning activities.

Date posted:
Last updated: 24 October 2019

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