Storm safety

Severe weather is a natural part of living in Brisbane's sub-tropical climate. Every year, Brisbane experiences severe weather and it's important to take the time to prepare your family, pets and property. The following tips offer advice on what you should have in your emergency kit and how to stay safe before, during and after a severe weather event.

Complete your household emergency plan and you’re ready for storms and other severe weather like bushfires, floods and heatwaves.   

Create your household emergency plan

Prepare for storms

Before the storm season begins, you can prepare your property and your household.

Download the Flooding in Brisbane - A guide for residents (PDF - 3.54MB), or view this information online.

Try Council's online home readiness checklist to see if your property is ready for a storm or severe weather event.

As the storm approaches

When a severe storm approaches, make sure you have your mobile phone close by, and it has a fully charged battery. Listen to a local Brisbane radio station for information and disconnect all electrical appliances. Place your vehicles under cover or cover with tarpaulins or blankets. Shelter and secure your pets and animals.

When the storm strikes

When a severe storm strikes, stay inside, keep away from windows and remain in the strongest part of the house, which is usually the bathroom or cellar. If you are outdoors, find emergency shelter and do not stand under trees.

You should:

  • listen to your portable radio for storm updates
  • if driving, stop clear of trees, powerlines and creeks
  • avoid using the telephone during the storm.

Find more information in our online safety during a severe weather event fact sheet

After the storm passes

After the storm has passed, listen to your local radio for official warnings and advice. If you need emergency assistance, phone:

  • 000 (triple zero) - for life threatening emergencies
  • the State Emergency Service (SES) on 132 500 - for temporary roof repairs or sandbagging.

If you don't need help, check if your neighbours do.

It's important after a storm to:

  • check your house for damage
  • stay away from fallen powerlines. Report all fallen powerlines to Energex on 13 19 62
  • beware of damaged buildings, trees and flooded watercourses
  • be available to help neighbours if required.

To report power interruptions, phone Energex on 13 62 62.

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