Bushland, parklands and wetlands

Brisbane's natural environment makes our city one of Australia's best places to live and work. It is the most biodiverse capital city with the highest diversity of native plants and wildlife of any other capital city in the country. Brisbane City Council manages over 9500 hectares of natural areas within a total park estate of more than 15,500 hectares. You can join a community group to help restore the natural habitats in parks, remnant bushland, wetlands and along the waterways.


Habitat Brisbane

You can help restore natural habitats in your local area by joining a Habitat Brisbane group. Find out how to join and what activities the groups are doing.


Natural areas

Brisbane's natural areas offer tracks, trails and bushland areas to enjoy. Find maps of popular tracks and trails, things to do, tips on safety and caring for bushland when visiting.

Protecting biodiversity

To conserve Brisbane's biodiversity, a range of initiatives have been implemented to protect and restore plants, animals and habitats.

Bushland Preservation Levy

Brisbane's Bushland Preservation Levy helps to protect Brisbane's natural areas by purchasing and protecting bushland.

Protecting the natural environment

Find out how Council and the community are protecting the natural environment.