Rubbish bins

Read about bins for green waste, general rubbish and recycling. Find out your bin collection day and how to have your damaged bin repaired. You can also order bins online for your newly built house.


Green waste recycling service

Green waste recycling bins are an easy and affordable way to dispose of lawn clippings, prunings and leaves.


Damaged bin repair or replacement

Council will repair damaged bins for free. Find out about bin repairs, stolen bins and abandoned bins.


Larger or additional recycling bin

Make recycling easier by ordering a larger or second recycling bin for your home for a one-off establishment fee of $30.


Bin items

Different waste items should be put in your general rubbish bin, green waste bin and recycling bin. Find out what items are acceptable in each bin.

Bins for newly built houses

If you've recently finished building your new residential property, you can order your bins online. 

Business recycling bin collection service

Council's provides a user-pays recycling bin service for Brisbane businesses.

Recycling bins for schools

Schools that have a waste collection service with Council can apply for Council's school recycling service.