Green waste recycling service


Green waste recycling bins are an easy and affordable way to dispose of lawn clippings, prunings and leaves, especially as you clean up in preparation for storm season.

Your green waste will be collected fortnightly and taken to a green waste recycling facility where it is composted and mulched ready for reuse.

Find out more about the costs for this service.

Apply for a green waste recycling bin

Before you order a green waste recycling bin, make sure you can store the bin and have enough space on the kerbside to put the bin out for collection.

A maximum of two bins can be requested per household. If you require more than two bins, Council will assess your needs.

House owners (single unit dwellings)

You will need your rate account number order your green waste recycling bin online.

Unit owners (multi-unit dwellings)

If the unit is strata titled (owner occupied), then the owner can order a green waste recycling bin. Unit and townhouse owners will be contacted by Council to confirm where the bin will be placed and who will be responsible for presenting it to the kerbside for collection.

If the unit or townhouse has a building manager or body corporate, they must provide approval before the unit owner orders the bin. 

House owners and unit owners can order a green waste recycling bin by:


Tenants will need the property owner to approve and order the green waste recycling bin.

Cost of service

The cost for each bin:

Number of bins 1 x 240 litre green waste recycling bin
Establishment fee $30
Quarterly charge $20.47 ($81.88 per year)
Billing process Charges will appear on your rates account

The cost of the service is necessary for bin production, delivery and collection costs, which are not covered by the existing rates charges.

Billing and conditions

Billing will start when your collection service starts.

You must commit to the service for a minimum of 12 months. After this time you can end the service.

Bin collection and delivery

New green waste recycling bins are normally delivered within three working days of placing an order, however during the promotional period, bins ordered may not be delivered for up to three weeks. We ask for your patience and assure you that the service charges will not begin until your bin has been delivered.

After the first collection your bin will be serviced every fortnight, alternating with your yellow top recycling bin.

Transfer of service

Bins will be allocated to a specific property. Green waste recycling bins can be transferred from one property to another or from one person to another. To transfer a bin you will need to contact Council

Acceptable and unacceptable bin items

Acceptable items

Garden waste including:

  • prunings from shrubs and trees
  • palm fronds
  • grass clippings
  • weeds
  • leaves and loose bark

Unacceptable items

  • kitchen waste, including fruit and vegetable scraps
  • animal droppings
  • recycling
  • general waste
  • large logs, branches and stumps which will make the bin difficult for the truck to lift

Green waste should only be put in the green waste recycling bin and should not be bagged. Materials should be no larger than 10 centimetres in diameter and 75 centimetres in length.

If you have large volumes of green waste that will not fit in a 240 litre wheelie bin, consider using one of Brisbane’s local businesses that operate a garden bag collection service. Visit the Garden Bag Group website to find out more. Green waste is also accepted at Council’s resource recovery centres for recycling.

26 April 2018