BNE Local and Liveable program


BNE Local and Liveable is an activation program supporting Brisbane City Council’s commitment to creating a city of neighbourhoods. The primary purpose is to create liveable places with vibrant neighbourhood centres for the local community and visitors to enjoy.

The program delivers demonstration and pilot projects that test ideas to activate underused spaces across our city. It makes use of temporary placemaking elements including art, play opportunities, wayfinding, activation of underutilised space, greening with trees and shrubs, community gardens, and moveable streetscape elements. By enabling the participation of communities, local businesses, and stakeholders the projects enhance neighbourhood identity and encourage community connection.

As a key initiative of Council’s Design-led City - a design strategy for Brisbane, the program ensures future design in Brisbane is sustainable and responds to the local environment, community, culture, and climate.

Tactical urbanism

The BNE Local and Liveable program uses the following principles of tactical urbanism:

  • Projects are short-term, low-cost and scalable interventions that catalyse long-term change
  • Projects are safe, high quality and easy to maintain
  • Projects are practical and require flexibility to be adapted to real world use
  • Projects create value for the community by building on an opportunity or solving a specific challenge
  • Projects are experimental - the goal is to learn what works, what creates value and what the follow up actions are
  • Projects are temporary or semi-permanent, adaptable, moveable and/or reversible. 

Council welcomes active participation from residents and the community to ensure that BNE Local and Liveable projects are a collaborative effort between Council, stakeholders and communities.

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Last updated: 26 March 2021